Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's Spring!

At least I think it is by the temperatures lately and the fact that a thunderstorm is about to roll through. . .April Showers Bring May Flowers!

OK, OK, OK. . .I'm a day early!

Since it feels like spring, I decided that I needed to look more like spring!

So, a few more highlights have found a home in my hair. . .They are slightly lighter than the ones that already had residency and it definitely makes me look like I've been in the sun a lot! I also got rid of the red tint so my base color is very close to my natural color - makes it look a bit better (less noticeable) when the roots start growing!


Friday, March 30, 2007


I've been attracted to purple lately. Not sure exactly why, but it is currently my reality.

>My profile on myspace is done up in black and purple!
>My newly remodeled half-bath is purple & black (my computer room is green, purple & black).
>My nails are currently painted a light lavender.
>The cards I am making for an event in April are 'Almost Amethyst' and 'Vintage Violet' (Stampin' Up).

So, I decided to do a bit of research on purple.

Did you know that porphyrophobia means an irrational fear of the color purple?

From about website:
Royalty and Spirituality: Purple is royalty. A mysterious color, purple is associated with both nobility and spirituality. The opposites of hot red and cool blue combine to create this intriguing color.

Nature of Purple: Purple has a special, almost sacred place in nature: lavender, orchid, lilac, and violet flowers are often delicate and considered precious. Because purple is derived from the mixing of a strong warm and strong cool color it has both warm and cool properties. A purple room can boost a child's imagination or an artist's creativity. Too much purple, like blue, could result in moodiness.

Culture of Purple: The color of mourning for widows in Thailand, purple was the favorite color of Egypt's Cleopatra. It has been traditionally associated with royalty in many cultures. Purple robes were worn by royalty and people of authority or high rank. The Purple Heart is a U.S. Military decoration given to soldiers wounded in battle.

Using Purple: Deep or bright purples suggest riches while lighter purples are more romantic and delicate. Use redder purples for a warmer color scheme or the bluer purples to cool down.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Hate Being Sick. . .

I don't think you want the details. . .
It's not pleasant. . .
I really act dopey when I take this much medicine. . .


Monday, March 26, 2007

How Well Do You Know Me?

I found a fun survey called "Who Knows Me The Best".
Well, it should be fun to see how well everyone does anyway. . .Was a little challenging to create the questions. :)

I would expect MommyMarie and Egypt to score pretty high with N2, Nickey and Lexismoo hot on their tails. But who knows if I came up with hard questions that only MommyMarie knows. :)

If you don't know me personally (thanks for dropping by!), this may give you some insight about me that you may not know otherwise.

I have the quiz leader board posted on myspace that shows scores if anyone takes it. . .
If a lot of people humor me (or non-myspace people), I will post a status here as well.
(NOTE: I'm feeling a bit blah for some reason - so humoring me would be a good idea).


Friday, March 23, 2007

Seriously. . .

Ever heard the expression: "Living out of my car" ?
I think that I've even said it myself on occasion. . .

Never thought I'd see an example of someone that could seriously be living out of their car!

Yep - I see what could be a pantry, a part of a bathroom vanity and even a closet!
Does the closet double as the bed or is that hiding in the trunk?

NOTE: The car was not decorated simply to be featured on this blog (I didn't even take the pics) - it truly looks like this everyday. Don't believe me? Come visit me at work. . .The car will be in the parking lot somewhere.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Itching For A Change. . .

Not sure what. Not sure why. BUT, I am wanting to make some changes. . .

Yes, I know - I've already changed so much of myself that most people don't recognize me.
I just redid my myspace profile (black and purple are the colors of the day!).
I have almost turned over my entire warddrobe.

I'm not really sure if I'm wanting to change an aspect of my life, a physical characteristic or something as simple as just rearranging furniture.

I just know that I'm itching for a change!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I realized today that my blog roll didn't reflect the sites that I frequent.
I updated it with a few of them. . .

I was looking at my calendar today and realized that most of my weekends between now and the end of April are pretty full. This is a problem how? Because I want to go dancing!!! Hard to do that when you are already scheduled to be someplace else. I've been having lots of fun getting out on the town and am kinda bummed that my options are pretty limited.

I saw a graphic for myspace today that said: "All I want is for one guy to prove to me that they're NOT all the same." For some reason, I really liked that quote - but it didn't work on my page. I know that many men could come back with the same saying about women. My response - I am proud of the fact that I am unique and do not fall into most of the female stereotypes!


Monday, March 19, 2007

Thoughts Running Around In My Head. . .

I know that I have said this before, BUT. . .I am blessed.

I have an awesome life.

I have a wonderful group of family and friends.

I am grateful for my health, my home and my paycheck.

I feel honored that I am approachable when I'm out dancing (and that I have pics to remember).



Sunday, March 18, 2007

Things I Heard Today. . .

'You went from attractive to stunning.'

'Your outside now matches your personality. . .WOW!'

Damn, I love life!


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patty's Day!

I am American. . .
My family has been in America for many generations. My ancestry is truly that of a Melting Pot - a little of everything.

Having said that - I can trace about seven branches of me mum's family back to the homeland of Ireland (the first coming over the ocean in 1730). So, I firmly believe that I am first American, second Irish.

Here's just a bit of information on this wonderful day.
I would research more, but I have some celebrating to get ready for. . .Gonna get some green beer!

Why Saint Patrick's Day?

Saint Patrick's Day has come to be associated with everything Irish: anything green and gold, shamrocks and luck. Most importantly, to those who celebrate its intended meaning, St. Patrick's Day is a traditional day for spiritual renewal and offering prayers for missionaries worldwide.

So, why is it celebrated on March 17th? One theory is that that is the day that St. Patrick died. Since the holiday began in Ireland, it is believed that as the Irish spread out around the world, they took with them their history and celebrations. The biggest observance of all is, of course, in Ireland. With the exception of restaurants and pubs, almost all businesses close on March 17th. Being a religious holiday as well, many Irish attend mass, where March 17th is the traditional day for offering prayers for missionaries worldwide before the serious celebrating begins.

In American cities with a large Irish population, St. Patrick's Day is a very big deal. Big cities and small towns alike celebrate with parades, "wearing of the green," music and songs, Irish food and drink, and activities for kids such as crafts, coloring and games. Some communities even go so far as to dye rivers or streams green!


Thursday, March 15, 2007

First Dates. . .

In my blog surfing tonight, I stumbled upon a list of good restaurants for a first date. . .

Since I don't want to be in a restaurant every time I turn around (see "Transformation" posts if this comment makes you go "Huh?"), I started compiling a list of good first dates.

I mentioned to Lexismoo that I was thinking about a blog post listing good first dates. Her response: Is there such a thing? Yes, I know that first dates are stereotypically bad. . .So, why not do something fun despite it being a first date? After all, nothing is worse than a first date with boring plans (Don't get me started about the blind date where we drove around for two hours before he finally decided we should see a movie)!

1. Dining Out Dates I could write loads about this, but David at Cincinnati Restaurant Reviews beat me to it (and was the thought-starter for this post). Why recreate the wheel? I can say that I haven't been to any of the restaurants on his list - gives me some good ideas, especially since I'm back in the dating world. Some of his points could be applicable for any of the items listed in this post.

2. Fun Dates Things such as bowling and putt-putt come to mind. Doing something active so that you aren't stuck in uncomfortable silence is always good. . .Making it something that also has the potential of having comedic (is that a real word?) value is also a plus!

3. Mini-Dates Not sure if this is a person with whom you want to spend an entire evening? How about a coffee date? Meet at the coffee shop and spend some time chit-chatting. A unique, one-of-a-kind coffee shop would be an even better idea - plenty of conversation topics. This made my list because it feels safer, is less stressful, fits into a busy schedule and has room for growth if the date is showing potential!

4. Exploring Dates Wondering around the zoo or searching through all of the tanks at the aquarium. . .I like the idea of being able to walk around, explore and learn a bit, but still have an opportunity to get acquainted.

5. Community Dates I'm a big fan of first dates that make me feel comfortable - face it, you are with someone for the FIRST time and there is always a level of stress from making sure that you are safe. By community dates, I do not mean a huge group date. I'm referring more to community festivals or a concert in the park (not the loud, arena concerts). . .You know - those "crowd" events that are listed in the local paper.

This is by no means a list made in stone. It is just what popped into my head over the last hour.

Anyone else got some ideas? I think this list could be valuable not only to those asking, but to those being asked as well. . .I typically get the "Want to go out" with a "What do you want to do?" immediately following it.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Divorce Is Final

The recovery is complete.
The restrictions are gone.
The nutrition plan is back in the pantry.
The calorie burning is back on the schedule.

The bills are all in. . .
Amount Rejected. . . . . . . . . . . . $1,371.79
Amount Took From My Wallet. . . $649.79
Amount Claimed By Insurance. . .$15,292.63
Total Cost Of Divorce. . . . . . . . . $17,314.21

I don't think I'll be complaining about the $130 I will pay this year to have health insurance.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gotta Love. . .

. . .Having to take material out of clothing in order to make them fit!

I had my suit and a formal dress altered. . .
It was way cheaper than buying new (especially when I'm not done loosing as of now).
It allows me to wear them a few more times.

Now, I just need to find an occasion to wear the formal. . .
Work is taking care of requiring me to wear the suit this month!


Monday, March 12, 2007

One Of Those Feelings. . .

Ever had one of those feelings that puts a pit in your stomach?
That feeling that means something not-so-good has happened / is about to happen?

Had it today. . .Came on me pretty sudden while I was driving home from the gym.
Not sure why. . .I'll be honest - it scared the sh*t out of me.

Just a few examples from previous feelings:
> Right before my first car wreck when I was 16.
> About an hour before the tow truck pulled my brother's car into the driveway.
> When my fiance (now ex-) got some side-action (on his break at work - timing matched up).

You better believe that I made a few phone calls. . .
You better believe that I drove a bit more carefully getting home. . .

By about 7:45, I realized that an issue at work probably (hopefully) caused this one.
The feeling has eased a bit, but I'm still a bit edgy.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Rambling Thoughts. . .

I went out tonight. . .
I ended up dancing quite a bit, especially after I took my heels off. . .
NOTE: It is not a good idea to do electric slide in heels!
I probably should mention that I was dressed up in my little black dress that I bought in college. . .
NOTE: It is not a good idea to wear undergarments under a black dress that are not black if you are taking pictures!

I got some attention. . .

I've said that if a guy got up the nerve to ask me out, I would say yes (unless intuition said no). . .
I've said that I would not go out with someone who is more than 10 years older than me. . .

How do I avoid hurting someone's feelings when they appear to be old enough to be my father?
I need to figure out how to change the attention so that my age preference isn't compromised. . .


Friday, March 09, 2007


I like to play computer games on occasion - I will not deny it.

The problem is that I get bored easy.

I find a new game, play it until I beat it and then grow tired of it fast.

The free hour trial period is just enough to wet my appetite. . .but I refuse to buy many more licenses. By about the end of hour two, I'm usually in the "tired of it" phase already.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bon Appetit!

I love to eat! I don't think that will surprise anyone that knows me. The difference between the me of years past and the me of today is that I do that dreaded word - moderation!

Instead of going out to eat a majority of the week - I go out a few times a month.
Instead of going to fast food joints, I go to a restaurant with a few more healthy options.
Instead of going to "OK - been there, done that" restaurants, I try to go to places that are different or that I have never been before.

In 2005, I received an awesome Christmas present - Dinner at one of Cincinnati's Top 25 Fine Dining Restaurants of 2005 per Cincinnati Magazine.

I had just started my new diet and was already cheating for our annual Christmas Dinner, so we agreed to wait until about April to go dining and hopefully to celebrate a weight loss of 25 lbs down.

I debated long and hard between Boca and Nicola's Ristorante.

We went to Boca in April and actually celebrated 40 lbs down. . .The caramelized brussel sprouts were unbelievably awesome (though no longer on the menu per the website)!!! Don't turn up your nose - even a brussel sprout hater liked them!

Our 2006 Christmas dinner was delayed until February because of the divorce from my gall bladder. I am happy to say that I received that awesome present again...This time for one of the Top Restaurants of 2007 (no more "Fine Dining" requirement).

From reading the reviews, I am struggling to make a decision! If I have eaten at a restaurant previously, it is automatically eliminated: Boca, Daveed's at 934, Jo An Japanese Restaurant or my all-time fave, Knotty Pine on the Bayou. Beyond that. . .Very few restaurants have been crossed off of my list.

I think this year's event will also be a celebration of 80 lbs down. . .
Let's hope I can make a decision by then!


Monday, March 05, 2007

Hit Jackpot

I was on a mission today to find the perfect get-well gift for N2's hubby. Everything that I found locally was too cheesy, too expensive and/or just too wrong.

My boss (also a male) helped me brain-storm a bit and even though I did not go with his exact suggestion, he got me turned in the right direction.

I stumbled upon a website for a company in Michigan. . .I was intrigued! Lots of things that had potential, but there wasn't one thing that yelled "Buy me!"

So, I called to ask if anything could be done. What's the worst thing they are going to say: No?

They said SURE! They worked with me to make changes and the gift is now as perfect as they could make it. It was also cheaper than the local stuff and I think he will enjoy it much more too (My apologies - I can't tell you what it is. . .It hasn't been delivered yet!)!

I was amazed by their wonderful customer service and their desire to help me. . .So rare these days!


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Do They Know?

Are there people in your life that had a major impact?
Do they know?

My church had its annual meeting today. I saw many who I had not seen in awhile. . .
The "transformation" link can explain why this could be significant.

There were many comments that boosted my ego, I will not lie. But it was a comment that I made to one person, in particular, that seemed to cause the biggest reaction: "You get some of the credit for all of this!" He seemed surprised and made it very clear that I did all of the work.

You see. . .When I first started on this path, I had a bit of trouble with will-power. We had/have monthly meetings at church where birthdays are celebrated - cookies, pies, cakes, etc. He and I would talk about exercise plans, protein powders and nutrition while everyone else enjoyed the desserts. It was a bit easier because someone else was "being good" with me.

Looking back, I truly do not think I could have gotten through those first three months without him. Even today, I hear his voice in my head "You take one step towards that cookie and I will tackle you!" He was really serious. . .I think. . .Maybe. . .OK, I never took that one step to call his bluff.

Unfortunately he had to leave our meetings due to medical issues that his wife was facing, but the care and support he showed me. . .They will continue to be tapes that I gladly let replay in my head (honestly - that tape kept me from getting ice cream tonight).

I cannot tell you how much of an impact he made on my life and how valuable those memories are as I gear back up to finish this journey. Thanks G.W.!


Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Blahs

Ever had the Blahs? No matter what you do, you just don't feel like doing anything?

That's me today.

Don't get me wrong - I got a lot done! I got some new work clothes on massive sale. I hit the gym pretty hard. I did some cleaning around the house.

But right now, all I want to do is crawl into bed. . .Until I crawl into bed, then that doesn't seem like anything I want to do anymore.



Friday, March 02, 2007

Dreading Monday. . .

December 19, 2005:
The day that I decided to change my life.
The day that the SassyMarie everyone knew was starting to pack up and say goodbye.
A date that will always live in my memory as a major turning point in my life.

March 5, 2007:
12/19/2005 relived - Yes, I will be totally, radically changing again.

Since the surgery, I have been having problems getting back into my eating routine. The gym routing, though it took awhile, is now back full swing. But a lot of good exercising does if you don't eat well (just as I could say: a lot of good eating well does if you don't exercise).

3/5 is a Monday (as was 12/19).
3/5 is a weigh and measure day with Sadillac (as was 12/19).
3/5 will find a new menu being created for me (as was 12/19).
3/5 is the day that all of the "not so good for you" food gets thrown away (as was 12/19).

What will be different between 3/5 and 12/19? About 70 pounds.

Yes, I am dreading Monday, but I know that my life is still changing for the best and this is just another stop on that journey.