Sunday, March 04, 2007

Do They Know?

Are there people in your life that had a major impact?
Do they know?

My church had its annual meeting today. I saw many who I had not seen in awhile. . .
The "transformation" link can explain why this could be significant.

There were many comments that boosted my ego, I will not lie. But it was a comment that I made to one person, in particular, that seemed to cause the biggest reaction: "You get some of the credit for all of this!" He seemed surprised and made it very clear that I did all of the work.

You see. . .When I first started on this path, I had a bit of trouble with will-power. We had/have monthly meetings at church where birthdays are celebrated - cookies, pies, cakes, etc. He and I would talk about exercise plans, protein powders and nutrition while everyone else enjoyed the desserts. It was a bit easier because someone else was "being good" with me.

Looking back, I truly do not think I could have gotten through those first three months without him. Even today, I hear his voice in my head "You take one step towards that cookie and I will tackle you!" He was really serious. . .I think. . .Maybe. . .OK, I never took that one step to call his bluff.

Unfortunately he had to leave our meetings due to medical issues that his wife was facing, but the care and support he showed me. . .They will continue to be tapes that I gladly let replay in my head (honestly - that tape kept me from getting ice cream tonight).

I cannot tell you how much of an impact he made on my life and how valuable those memories are as I gear back up to finish this journey. Thanks G.W.!


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