Monday, March 05, 2007

Hit Jackpot

I was on a mission today to find the perfect get-well gift for N2's hubby. Everything that I found locally was too cheesy, too expensive and/or just too wrong.

My boss (also a male) helped me brain-storm a bit and even though I did not go with his exact suggestion, he got me turned in the right direction.

I stumbled upon a website for a company in Michigan. . .I was intrigued! Lots of things that had potential, but there wasn't one thing that yelled "Buy me!"

So, I called to ask if anything could be done. What's the worst thing they are going to say: No?

They said SURE! They worked with me to make changes and the gift is now as perfect as they could make it. It was also cheaper than the local stuff and I think he will enjoy it much more too (My apologies - I can't tell you what it is. . .It hasn't been delivered yet!)!

I was amazed by their wonderful customer service and their desire to help me. . .So rare these days!


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Nancy said...

Miss Sassy,

The Michigan box was on my door step when I ran home just now. I'm so excited to take it to hubby and find out what it is!

Thank you my thoughtful friend,