Monday, November 28, 2016

Starting Over

Yep, I have to start again and fight the dread healthy battle. I am getting way too close to the highest number ever on the scale.

I don't know if I just let go too much...

Or if my thyroid is contributing (my levels are all over the place and the moron MD won't talk about what causes that... just says "no medicine" - I don't want medicine, you idiot!)...

But I am hitting the weight loss journey again...

And believe me, I'm not happy about it...
Actually sitting here in tears over it.

My focus can't be the 10K Steps a day (though I am going to try to do that too) as I gained about 25lbs the last time I just focused on that.

So, I am asking for some prayers.
Lots of them actually.

Living in a house where everyone else can eat whatever they want and I am stuck with plain chicken and vegetables (and I have to cook all of the food everyone else gets to eat) frankly is quite depressing.

That coupled with losing my dad and our upcoming move, I'm a little worried about how I am going to get through this.