Monday, June 30, 2014

So Tired of the Roller Coaster...

I am so tired of my body throwing me through a roller coaster ride...
I never seem to know what mood I am going to be in...
I cannot predict how I am going to react to how people treat me...
I would love to get some stability in my life again.

What's even worse - I do not think I am anywhere near "the change".


Friday, June 27, 2014

There was a June?

I am wrapping up one of the heaviest traveling months of my career.
Not kidding.
At all.

There were 21 working days in June of 2014.
I was in the office exactly nine of them.
Yes, I said 9.

Full transparency - I was out of the office two days on personal time...
But the other 10...
All work!

There was one day that I drove through four states.
Just to follow with three the next day.
12 hours in the car going 700 miles.
Yeah - fun.

I am so looking forward to staying home for the next few weeks.
Still not sure that I can say that I'm not traveling in July, but it will be close...

I would love to commit to posting more often, but as I have a huge To Do list to get through...
It may take me awhile.