Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Guest Poster

MaBell told me that I had to blog about this. I started to and then decided that she could tell the story much better than I. So, this post is from our guest poster - MaBell. . .

So you know when you have those "0h $%#@" moments? Well tonight, one of these moments happened to me.
I decided to through ALL OF MY WHITES in with blue jeans (genius). The lil voice in my head said "MaBell don't do it". Too late lil voice, the white hoodie is spotted black from the ink pen you use in English.
Now maybe I will start listening to SassyMarie when she tells me not to mix whites and colours while doing laundry. :( Can you say Bummer?

Imagine - I was standing in the kitchen and in walks MaBell. . .
"You know how you always tell me. . ."
"Guess that I'll start listening. . ."


Monday, October 12, 2009

Who Dey - MMQB

I started to post the "Bengals' type time" from MMQB, but then realized that there is way too much of it this week.
Feel free to click
HERE to go read tons of Bengals verbiage - and most of it good, surprisingly!

On a sadder note: My condolences go out to the Zimmer Family!


Sunday, October 11, 2009


A few thoughts:
-$500 isn't a steep enough penalty for littering. If you disagree, let me know and I'll sign you up to help with our next trash pick-up.
-Drivers who do not think it is necessary to slow down when groups are picking up trash should be ticketed. . .Especially when the road is narrow and there is no place for us to get off of the road.
-There may be a small boy out there missing an outfit. . .We found shorts, shirt, apron, hat, socks, one shoe and a pair of underwear.
-We think there may be a few people out there (three to be exact) who were so drunk that they thought they were throwing out an empty can / bottle when they were really throwing out a new, unopened container.
-I really didn't want to talk sex with my kid tonight, but one item found forced me to. Thankfully it was a VERY SHORT talk.
-I HATE PICKING UP TRASH, but the fund-raising money is GOOD!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

OB's New Fashion Accessory...

This has been OB's constant companion for the last two weeks...The result of a quarterback keeper turning into a pile on the quarterback dance.

We go back tomorrow for another x-ray to see how his growth plate is healing.