Sunday, September 30, 2012

Been Busy...

I was feeling a bit like baking.
Wish I was feeling successful too.

I through dinner in the crockpot and got busy.

Pumpkin Rolls...
Too thin.
Stuck to the paper.
Not quite the taste I was going after.
OB deemed them a failure.
MBB says that they taste good (guess he is closing his eyes when he eats them).
I'm going to search for another recipe.
Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites...
Already threw the recipe that I clipped away.
Chicken and Dumplings...
Other than taking longer than I liked to cook, it was good.
My one success of the event.
I also baked bread.
A recipe that the family loves.
And it fell.  Sunk.  Whatever else you want to call it.
I also thought that it tasted bad, but both MBB and OB liked it.

Maybe I should stay out of the kitchen for awhile?


Saturday, September 29, 2012

To Share or Not To Share

I was flipping through the stations on my drive to work the other day and came across a discussion on a morning show.

Apparently, the DJ had shared in their entertainment news that Kristin Stewart gave RobPat (yes, I know that isn't his real name, but hey, whatever) all of her passwords so that he knows everything she did / does / etc in an effort to win his trust back.

I tuned in just in time to hear some reactions from callers.
Not sure where all of these people are from as this morning show is syndicated and isn't based in my town.

I was amazed, I repeat amazed, Yes - I said AMAZED at the number of callers who said people should not share passwords with their significant other. 

OK - maybe not sharing with boyfriends/girlfriends would make sense, but some of the callers were referring to their spouses.


My husband is the one person on this planet who knows every detail there is to know about me.
My salary.
My account balances.

My passwords.
My emails.
My ATM pin.

I have nothing to hide.
I have no secrets. . . From him.
Heaven help the other person who tries to get nosey about my finances.

To refuse to give him everything would give the impression that I have something to hide.
Not going to happen.

The only time that I sneak is concerning gifts.
It is allowed as long as it is a gift for him and the sneaking is temporary.
Around November / December - we both avoid looking at each others "allowance" accounts so that we don't figure out Christmas before Christmas.  I have to remember to not balance bank accounts / work in Quicken around mine - because, well, I hate ruining surprises.

If so much of the public agrees with those callers, well honestly, I am no longer surprised at the divorce rate around here.

Side-note:  I know that all divorces are not caused by cheating and stealing and all of the things that I am alluding to here.  But think how much that rate would drop if single people would follow one bit of advice:  If you can't even begin to fathom that you would feel comfortable giving someone your passwords (and vice-versa): Then you shouldn't begin to fathom that you would share an "I Do" either.

Friday, September 28, 2012


I was feeling crafty and made these for MaBell's baby shower awhile back.
I thought they turned out cute.  :)


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Being Domestic. . .

For some weird reason, I have been wanting to cook lately.
I usually hate to cook.
I can do it, but I don't really care for it.

This week, I decided that I was tired of eating out (or my waist line is anyway).
I also decided that I had enough of the Hamburger Helper type meals.

So, I cooked.
I didn't seem to consider the fact that I am extremely busy right now and am not getting home on time.

Three nights in a row, I cooked.

It all started with Unstuffed Shells.  I had been planning this one for a few weeks, but it just hadn't happened.  When I went to make it, I realized that the shell pasta had been used for something else. . .so the recipe morphed into Unstuffed Bowties.
Then I moved to an easier Sizzlers w/ Na'an Bread and boiled red potatoes.  A little easier to do, but as I got home even later that night. . .it worked and is one of my favorites.
Tonight, I attempted a Shepherds Pie with steak meat instead of hamburger.  The guys deemed it a repeat, though I think I'll add a bit of Cajun before baking next time.

I'm gonna have to go searching for more recipes soon as I have a feeling that I'll be cooking again tomorrow.


Monday, September 24, 2012


Lately, I have been finding myself feeling a little cranky.
Not sure why.

Could be hormonal.
Could be seasonal.
Could be living in the middle of construction messes.
Could be lots of things.

If I knew what it was - I'd do something about it.
Cause being cranky, well - to be honest, it's a bit irritating.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Change of Seasons

As I look around, I realize that there are many indications that fall has arrived. . .

The date on the calendar.
The pumpkins popping up all over the place.
Being able to buy a pumpkin spice latte at Starbuck's.

Or, my definite. . .
The laundry increases from two loads a week to four loads a week overnight.

Yep, hoody / jean season has officially replaced t-shirt / shirt season.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We welcomed a new family member to our clan!
Meet my new grandson who is holding his Uncle OB's hand.

Once I figure out a good nickname for him, I will start calling him something other than "grandson" on here.  :)


Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Love Hate Relationship

Yes, I have one. . .
With my kitchen.

Some days, I love to create things.
Some days, I despise even walking in there!

Today was more of a "can't stand this headache, so I'll do some new things to take my mind off of it" type of day!

I have a pile of recipes both in paper form and electronic.
I started organizing electronically this morning and threw a few ingrediants on my grocery list.
When we got home, I didn't put those ingrediants away. . .I started creating.
(I started organizing the paper pile too, but that will have to wait for another day!)

I now have a containers of 3-2-1 Chocolate Cake Mix, 3-2-1 Yellow Cake Mix and Cream Soup Base.
My refrigerator has Blackberry Jello and Orange Jello chilling.
My bread maker is chugging.

Ok, gotta be honest, the break maker creation was caused by finding a mix in the cupboard while I was rearranging...
There wasn't any room left for it...
Frugal me couldn't throw it away!

I have quite a few recipes that I want to try soon, especially around the holidays!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Ready For Some Football?

I miss professional football.
This is the first year in many that I am not a season ticket holder.

It was a hard decision.
It was my decision alone.
In the end, I decided that football wasn't there for me anymore.
And my pocketbook could no longer be there for football.

My decision has had some reprocussions.
Relationships I had with some are no longer the same.
And I've realized, relationships based on tickets (could write a lot more on this, but I won't)...better that they changed.

I still wanted to go to training camp, but with the move to downtown, I just couldn't see it happening.
I still wear my orange, but I couldn't tell you a name when I see a number.
I still plan on watching, but I may not make it through the game (especially tonight) if checking Algebra II homework turns into teaching and won't fit into the commercial times.

I still attend Friday Night Lights.
But it just isn't the same.


Saturday, September 08, 2012


I thought of an old favorite - Come On Eileen during my Love blog post this week.
Which led me to a YouTube search to listen to it.
Which led me to realize that I couldn't remember all of the lyrics.
Which led me to looking up the lyrics.
Which led me to realize that I never really knew all of the lyrics.
Which led me to confess that I mumble the song every time I sang it.

Come On Eileen

by Dexy's Midnight Runners

(Come on Eileen)
(Come on Eileen)

Poor old Johnny Ray
Sounded sad upon the radio
Moved a million hearts in mono
Our mothers cried, sang along, who'd blame them
Now you're grown (so grown up)
So grown (so grown up) now I must say more than ever
(Come on Eileen)

Toora loora toora loo rye aye
We can sing just like our fathers

Come on Eileen,

Oh I swear (what he means)
At this moment, you mean everything
You in that dress, oh my thoughts I confess
Merge on dirty
Ah come on Eileen

(Come on Eileen)

These people 'round here
Beat down eyes sunk in smoke dried faces
So resigned to what their fate is
But not us, (no never)

No not us (no never)
We are far too young and clever

Toora loora toora loo rye aye
I'll hum this tune forever

Come on Eileen well I swear (what he means)
Ah come on let's take off everything
Pretty red dress, oh Eileen (tell him yes)
Ah come on let's, ah come on Eileen
Pretty red dress, oh Eileen (tell him yes)
Ah come on let's, ah come on Eileen

(Come on Eileen toora loo rye aye)
(Come on Eleen toora loo rye aye)
(Torra torra ta loo rye)

Now you have grown
Now you have shown
Oh, Eileen
Said come on Eileen
Oh come on Eileen
We are far to young and clever,

Things randomly change, I said
Toora loora toora loo rye aye

Come on Eileen, Oh I swear (what he means)
At this moment, you mean everything
You in that dress, Oh my thoughts I confess
Merge on dirty
Ah come on Eileen

Come on Eileen, Oh I swear (what he means)
At this moment you mean everything to me
You in that dress, Oh my thoughts I confess
Merge on dirty
Ah come on Eileen

Don't think I'll ever sing this sound the same way ever again.
Which leads me to wonder what other songs I mumble...


Friday, September 07, 2012

My Love / Do not Love

Carmen shared some of her love / hate and got me thinking. . .

Things I love:
Skinny Lattes
Bear Hugs from MBB and Luke
Coupons matching up with a sales
My slingshot camera bag
Books - the kind you hold in your hands
American Football
Smell of a burning bonfire
Edy's Slow Churned Ice Cream (especially ala mode on a warm brownie or lava cake)
Making log cabin quilts
Logic Problems
Singing "Come On Eileen" in the car when no one can hear me
My kitty cat paw that lays claim to my arm or coupons or book
The fact that the "love" part of this blog post is bigger than the other part!

Things I do not love:
Sound of teeth on silverware
Seeing food as it is being chewed
Driving in winter weather
The fat ring around the top of my pants
Frizzy Hair
Political Debates
Cigerette Smoke
Will Farrell movies
Happy super sensitive skin
Deceitful, dishonest attitudes
Mudding dry wall
Drama, not on a movie screen
Things that have more than four legs


Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Stress has always been my nemasis.
Or however you spell that.

I even went through the great experience of an ambulance ride due to panic / anxiety attacks when I first entered the "real" working world.  Nothing like on-the-job training!

I now have someone in my life who is begining to know my "real" limits when I think I still have some more...
That helps! 

I have had a lot of things happen during this year that has made the Stress-o-Meter jump.
I haven't been able to partake in my de-stressing activities that usually calm that meter down.

So, I have a To Do List (what's new, right?). . .
I need to start crossing things off of that list (which is a de-stressor in itself for me).
I need to get some things done that will allow me to get back to enjoying life!
I need to get back to crafting, creating and enjoying.


Monday, September 03, 2012

Things I Learned

I said it before and I'll say it again:
Growing up in Central Ohio taught me how to survive during the actual tornado.
It did not teach me how to recover from a tornado.

Yes, this will probably be a boring post to most. . .
But at least it is a list of 4 and not 10.

Things I wish I knew then, that I know now:
1. Home Owners Insurance!!!
 ACV or RCV?  What are your limits?
 That small tractor that you use to mow your yard?  Is that considered a lawn mower (personal
   property) or a motorize vehicle to take care of your land (big time limits)?  <-- Big issue for us!
 The shed - is it covered or do you need to add it?
 How does your policy handle that swimming pool? <-- Happened to a neighbor. 
 Are your limits high enough?  You may have only spent $2,000 on the contents of your garage
   because of garage sales, auctions, etc etc etc.... But what is it going to cost you to replace it at full price?

2. Auto Insurance!!!
 Liability does not cover anything other than the other vehicle.
 There is a policy between liability and full that covers acts of nature, deer, etc.
 We were lucky that our old Camry had this type of insurance (mainly because of deer). 
 We were not lucky that our beater truck had liability only. <--  Mistake!

3. Video Video Video
 I had always heard to videotape your expensive items.  WRONG.
 Videotape EVERYTHING.  Walk through your house / garage...Open even drawer / closet / etc.
 If a tornado picked up your house and took it away, would you remember EVERY ITEM in it?
 How will you prove that you had that much (we had to go to Home Depot and get a print out of
   all receipts for our credit cards to prove a history of buying for the garage).
 If everything is destroyed, the insurance can view the video and estimate better what you lost.
 Date the video and store it (as well as a list of big purchases made after the video) in multiple

4. Emergency Readiness
 I had a plan of what was going into our tornado shelter.
 I knew how it was going to be set up.
 I did have important papers in a certain spot and was able to grab them quickly. <-- Success!


Sunday, September 02, 2012

Six Months

It is unbelievable to me that it has been six months.

I am sitting here searching for words of wisdom about the experience we have lived over the last six months and I am finding nothing.  I am still amazed a storm traveling pretty quickly through my neighborhood caused so much damaged that six months wasn't enough time to fix / rebuild.

I still look at my property in amazement.  So much debri and destruction sitting next to construction supplies and that POD container that I am so looking forward to not needing anymore.

I drive around the area and see signs of hope / rebuilding along with signs of despare / destruction still in more areas than anyone would like. 
The community had another "volunteer help" day a few weeks ago, but I didn't see anyone.  I know that there is a road at the other end of the neighborhood who was hit really hard (8 out of 11 homes destroyed) and maybe that is where everyone is going.  But I feel for the neighbors on this side of the neighborhood who obviously need help and are not getting it. 
I feel bad about not helping my neighbors, but then I look at my own property and realize that I am helping - myself.

Hopefully, I will be able to post a "seven month" post and share that we are done (crossing every finger and toe that I have).  But even after we are done, I doubt that I will ever be able to write that we are recovered.