Saturday, September 29, 2012

To Share or Not To Share

I was flipping through the stations on my drive to work the other day and came across a discussion on a morning show.

Apparently, the DJ had shared in their entertainment news that Kristin Stewart gave RobPat (yes, I know that isn't his real name, but hey, whatever) all of her passwords so that he knows everything she did / does / etc in an effort to win his trust back.

I tuned in just in time to hear some reactions from callers.
Not sure where all of these people are from as this morning show is syndicated and isn't based in my town.

I was amazed, I repeat amazed, Yes - I said AMAZED at the number of callers who said people should not share passwords with their significant other. 

OK - maybe not sharing with boyfriends/girlfriends would make sense, but some of the callers were referring to their spouses.


My husband is the one person on this planet who knows every detail there is to know about me.
My salary.
My account balances.

My passwords.
My emails.
My ATM pin.

I have nothing to hide.
I have no secrets. . . From him.
Heaven help the other person who tries to get nosey about my finances.

To refuse to give him everything would give the impression that I have something to hide.
Not going to happen.

The only time that I sneak is concerning gifts.
It is allowed as long as it is a gift for him and the sneaking is temporary.
Around November / December - we both avoid looking at each others "allowance" accounts so that we don't figure out Christmas before Christmas.  I have to remember to not balance bank accounts / work in Quicken around mine - because, well, I hate ruining surprises.

If so much of the public agrees with those callers, well honestly, I am no longer surprised at the divorce rate around here.

Side-note:  I know that all divorces are not caused by cheating and stealing and all of the things that I am alluding to here.  But think how much that rate would drop if single people would follow one bit of advice:  If you can't even begin to fathom that you would feel comfortable giving someone your passwords (and vice-versa): Then you shouldn't begin to fathom that you would share an "I Do" either.

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