Friday, October 19, 2018

#Friday Finds - Parrino's Oven (Dallas)

I was in Dallas for a work event, yes - again, this summer (yes, it is taking me a bit to post these).
We were staying at Hyatt Regency Dallas and decided to give one of the hotel restaurants a try: Parrino's Oven.

Overall, it was good - but I would probably try something else next time I'm in town.

I think this was the house salad, but I'm not 100%...

Margherita Pizza (my favorite)

Carne Pizza


Warm Chocolate Cake w/ Raspberry Sauce

? (Even looking at the menu, I can't remember what this was called)

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Remembering - Zula

Sometimes, life gifts you with absolute love and happiness and joy.
And that described OB's dog, Zula, perfectly.
She was amazing.
She loved all (except when her daddy was petting another dog).
She knew no evil, because she had no evil.

And she loved trucks, especially her Papaw's truck.
Which in the end was her downfall.
She loved them so much that she didn't understand that they could hurt her.
And hurt her the delivery truck did.

OB was able to hold her and shower with love as she took her last breath.
And she now will travel with her daddy wherever he goes.

It is times like this that I have to remember and hold onto the memories of that love and happiness and joy.  Cause when that love and happiness and joy is suddenly gone, it hurts - real bad.

Love you Zula-girl.
Nana and Papaw are so glad that you were able to visit and share your love with us before you were taken to the Rainbow Bridge... way, way, way too soon.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

#CraftyTuesday - Swingzeebo

MBB saw a picture on Facebook that put a creative idea in his head and couldn't let it go...
He designed and built it (with the exception of pouring/laying the concrete).

I tried to get some pictures of it throughout the process:
Forming up the shape for the concrete.

Concrete poured with the center left open for the firepit. We buried the first row
of bricks so that there would be a barrier between the fire and the concrete.

We didn't leave it perfectly smooth, because we were
afraid it would get slippery when it got wet.

The firepit makes an appearance - we bought two kits and combined them into one to keep little bodies
going a 100 miles an hour from falling in.  Once the boys get older, we may take off the top row.

The frame starts to go up. I swore that I took more pictures
during this phase, but I can't seem to find anymore!

We put some stain on the gray tubing that holds the electric wire so
that it would blend in a bit with the wood and not stand out so much.
Introducing: The Swingzeebo!

Since I took the final picture, we have made a few changes:
 > We are now leaving two bays open - one for entry (front) and for firewood retrieval (back).
 > MBB added cross braces in each upper corner and it is much more stable now.
 > Added two bottle openers spread out through the posts.

Some details that are real noticeable in the picture:
 > We have three double outlets spread out through the posts.
 > There is a light switch for the lights.
 > The three potted plants have lavender in them to try to make it a mosquito - free zone.
 > There is a blue tooth speaker up in the top (what I call the rafters).
 > We bought two strands of lights from Costco, but one was bright enough on its own.

We have just a bit more to do:
 > Buy more seating for one bay (the patio chairs showing in the two front bays belong on the deck).
 > Stain the wood (since it is treated, we will need to wait about six months to do this)
 > Figure out something for garbage.

Just a side note - the squirrels thinks that we made them an obstacle course.
We have a great view of them "playing" from the dining room window.


Saturday, October 13, 2018

Blog Changes

I have decided to make some changes...
Not sure why, it just feels right.

First off, I am taking the ads off of the page...
They annoy me...
And don't provide any benefit...
So - they are gone!

Second, I found a new theme/background.
I had to make sure that the previous white text could remain (since my links are hard coded white)…
I think I was successful.
Not sure how long I will keep it as I am not a huge blue fan...
But hey, change is good!

If anyone has successions for any other changes (topics, hashtags, pictures, etc), just let me know!


Friday, October 12, 2018

#FridayFinds - Giordano's (Vegas)

MBB loves Chicago-style pizza!
Being that it always takes 45 minutes to cook and my husband HATES to wait (I am not joking or exaggerating) - I haven't figured out this love.
I prefer thin crust pizza, but I will eat Chicago-style every so often so that he can get his fix.

And it was time for a fix.
We decided to try Giordano's while we were in Vegas earlier this year.
It was our last stop before heading to the airport (literally, we had our suitcase with us!).

Overall, MBB was happy and that's all that matters.
Would I go back?  Yes - but only if he needs a fix.


Tuesday, October 09, 2018

10 - 9 - 10

I know, I know...
It's Tuesday which means #CraftyTuesday...
And I do have a few crafty stuff lined up to share soon...

But there is a very important post that trumps all craftiness: MBB and SassyMarie
Today is our 8th anniversary and even though I have missed noting a few special days on here this year, I will not miss this one!

To my other half, my man, my babe... I love you and cherish the last 8 years!


Friday, September 28, 2018

#FridayFind - HEXX (Refinding and still loving)

Hexx is one of our "must sees" while we go to Vegas.
I believe there was one trip that we were there 4x...  And only for breakfast.

We met/introduced some friends to Hexx this trip.
They have made a few changes in the last year which we weren't happy about (no longer 24 hours, no more breakfast only menu)... But we can deal as our favorite dishes made it to the brunch menu.

And one of these days - I will figure out how to make those potatoes!


Carrot Cake Pancakes
Chicken and Waffle

Breakfast Potatoes
(Best potatoes around!!!)

Cinnaroll Waffle

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

#CraftyTuesday - Tractors!

Zilla got his first quilt that was Lion King-ish themed when he was a baby.
That blanket got so much use that it was loved to death and someone (not sure who) didn't realize the significance of the blanket and got rid of it.  MaBell wasn't happy!

Zilla has been after me to make him a bigger, tractor quilt for a while now.
I finally came through for his sixth birthday!


Friday, September 21, 2018

#FridayFinds - Hash House (Vegas)

So last week, I mentioned that we had found a new friend to go on the "must visit" list when we are in Vegas.  Also a bonus - it is in the same casino as the restaurant it is replacing, but closer to the mono-rail stop!

Let me introduce you to Hash House.
Great waiter...
Great food (though portions are huge - you may want to share)...
Reasonable prices (for Vegas)...

A "twisted" lemonade drink that was on a special menu that isn't posted on-line, so I can't find the exact name.

Sage Fried Chicken and Waffles
They forgot to put the knife in the top, so it fell over...
Click on the link at the top of the post and they have a better picture in the menu section.

Big-O Chicken Pot Pie (made without mushrooms - happy dance!)
Very yummy!

Chicken Fried Steak
(If you aren't a huge breading fan - look close, there is way more breading then meat - so you could remove some easily.)


Friday, September 14, 2018

#FridayFinds - Guy Fieri's (Vegas - Refinding and revising opinion)

We were back in Vegas (normal vacation spot for us)...
Every time we go, there is a list of restaurants that we want to hit - kinda like visiting old friends.
Except, sometimes, relationships evolve and the old friendships become more of acquaintences...

That is what has happened with Guy Fieri's.
We could always overlook the occasional rude staff because the food was so good...
And they had the best turkey burger around.

This go round, I had to eat it open faced because the top bun was so hard - I was afraid I would break a tooth if I tried to eat it... And it didn't taste near as good as it did on all of the other visits...
That, along with more rude staff, has crossed them off of the must visit list.

Never fear - we found something to replace it (to be featured on #FridayFinds soon)...

Trash Can Brisket Nachos

Bacon Mac-N-Cheese Burger

Tatted-Up Turkey Burger - The bread was so hard, I was afraid I was going to break a tooth!