Saturday, April 19, 2014

Traveling Memories

I have been traveling a lot lately.
Some for pleasure, but mostly for work.

The one thing that is great for the memories, but not so great for the waistline is the food...
I have had some pretty great dishes lately.

In New Orleans, I found my new favorite fish - Black Drum Fish:

In West Virginia, a pretty great Gouda Chicken Pizza (and I don't like Gouda cheese):

In Toronto, the most amazing Salmon that I have ever tasted before:

I have been doing better about getting my 10K steps daily when I am traveling.
I know that I did offset the food in West Virginia and Toronto... Can't remember New Orleans though.  :)


Friday, April 18, 2014

Love Being Nana

I truly love being Nana.
It has been one of the best experiences in the last 19 months.

I love to announce that I have become Nana again.
Today, MaBell gave me my second amazing grandson.

I think I can forget that it happened while I was visiting the clouds above.
Nope - didn't make it to the hospital in time for either of my grandsons.


Thursday, April 17, 2014


I very rarely get on my home laptop anymore.
I can do so much from my smartphone, that I only really have a need when I am working on our bills.

I have so many things that I think - I want to write about that...
But blogger no longer likes my browser at work and I really don't like the blogger app.

So, that leaves long periods of time when I don't post anything.
And I really don't like that.

Not really sure how to fix...
But I am searching to figure it out!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wandering Around

I used to laugh when I would hear of someone roaming a parking lot searching for a vehicle.

I just couldn't imagine not being able to find my car.  Keep in mind that I had a green Tercel for awhile and then I had two Matrixes.   Both were always easy to spot so I didn't have any issues.

Now that I'm driving a black Camry, yes a know the best selling car in America, well I'm having trouble finding my car.

Karma has visited.

So if you see a woman walking up and down rows of a parking lot, hitting the buttons on her keys until a car beeps, wave.

I'll wave back.


Sunday, March 09, 2014


When the directions say to wear gloves,  it might be a good idea to follow directions.
And yes, this was after I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed with a variety of cleaners.


Saturday, March 08, 2014


It's that time again.
If I didn't see people with ash spots on their forehead, I would have still suspected...
For some weird reason, I start craving fish on Fridays during Lent - even when I don't know it's Lent.

I guess that I was a practicing Catholic for long enough that the traditions of Lent are ingrained in me, even though I no longer practice Catholicism.

Weird, I know.

Last year, I gave up Facebook for Lent.
I could do that again, but since Pip Squeak (my new grandson) is going to make an appearance during Lent, I don't think that would be a give up that I would be able to keep.

I know there are a lot of things that I could give up...
Some I probably should give up, but I am not in a good space to give up stuff like Chocolate and Caffeine or even tasty foods.

I thought about giving up my two games that I play on the phone, but that would eliminate a primary reduction of stress in my life.  Not a good choice.

So, I thought about things that I could do to improve my life.
I could try to blog everyday, but does that really improve anything?
Perhaps it would help with my mental state, but it just doesn't feel right specifically for Lent.

I even talked to MBB about exercise or trying to get back to 10K of steps a day.
Then I look at the weather forecast and realize that it isn't quite the right time for my lunch walks to return.
Honestly, I am not going to be successful without them.  And looking at my travel schedule - for work and personal - I just don't see how an exercise program is going to become a habit over the next 40 days.

Anyone got any suggestions?
I know that I am already late in starting, but I have no problem going a few days past Easter.
I should admit that I don't follow all of the Lent traditions.
As much as I crave fish, I had meat for all three meals today.


Friday, March 07, 2014

Caramel Apple Cupcakes

Calories: 127

MBB - Okay - he wasn't a fan of the caramel.
SassyMarie - I liked the cake part (notice the few that didn't have nuts - those are mine.

I think we both agree that I need to combine the cake from this recipe with the icing of the Apple Streusel Cupcakes (posted yesterday).


Thursday, March 06, 2014

Apple Streusel Cupcakes

Calories:  138 (148 if use sugarcane)

MBB - Yep
SassyMarie - Yep


Wednesday, March 05, 2014

More Targets

Target #3 was actually more like Target 3 / 4 / 5.  I tackled my corner cabinet in the dining room while MBB took care of a shelf that seems to be a catch all and a bag of stuff from the now turned-in Matrix.

We had lots of umbrella covers (without the umbrellas), a calculator cover (without the calculator), a single glove and a variety of other things.  Since I had to let my season tickets go a few years ago, the hot hands have been sitting there...and sitting there...and sitting there.  The use by date was pretty long ago.  

In total, we got rid of 19 things.  Not really 10 per area, but to be honest everything looks much better as there was a ton of reorganization and things finding better homes.



Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Merry Christmas to us

MBB and I agreed that we weren't going to buy anything to start new projects.
We were only going to buy things to finish projects already started...
I really want to try to get some things done this year and be able to call rooms "DONE".
We don't have a single room in the house that currently has that title.

In our defense, we didn't technically buy the items to start a new project.
We had a gift card that Luke and my favorite sister-in-law (sorry, can't remember her nickname on here right now) got us for Christmas...
So, technically, they started the new project.
And now that it is a project already started - we HAVE to finish it...

Yep, we are going to attempt to install my backsplash in the kitchen.
You know that one that I have been wishing for since we worked on the kitchen oh-so-many years ago?
The one that the only things that I could find that I liked were way out of our price range?
The one that was going to be so messy with all of that grout?

Yeah, well, MBB found these...

No grout.
No piecing together.
And they match my colors, for the most part.  I think I can live with the small amount of green.

Now, just to find a zillion more gifts cards to finish buying the many packs that we will need to finish the project.  :)