Friday, February 27, 2009


Here are some of the colors we have picked for the house. . .They are all from the Benjamin Moore collection.
NOTE: I have looked at these colors on two monitors - On one of them, the colors look like our walls. On the other - they don't. . .It's a weird thing.

Kid's Bathroom:
I am not 100% sure that this is the exact color of the new bathroom, but it is darn close!
This was the first room that we painted when we moved in. . .
We painted this color on two walls and it's "half-color" on the other two.
This was one of the rooms painted last July before OB's birthday party. . .
Kitchen / Dining Room:
This room was also painted last July and is a combination of the three colors. . .
Since we have some left over paint, we may use this in MaBell's room too - not sure yet.
Living Room / Upstairs Hallway / OB's Bedroom:
Yes, we seem to be on a gray kick!
The Living Room was by far the largest room to paint and took forever (remember this post?).
We had some of the medium and dark colors left, so we used those in OB's room.
I still have to finish the Ying / Yang on his wall. . . *groan*
Master Bedroom:
This is the next paint to be applied.
The sample I painted on the wall looks green even though this picture looks gray on one monitor and brown on the other.
Our bedroom is going to be GREEN.
We have the paint for the Half Bath - this is the one room that I left Benjamin Moore and went with Home Depot - it is going to be a Metallic Green and Black. We are still working on the other two colors to finish up the main floors of the house - the Den is going to be a Tannish Taupe, but not sure exactly what and the Master Bathroom is going to be. . .I'll keep you posted on that one!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

So Bummed!

I can't believe they voted him off.
Let me rephrase that - I can't believe that they were stupid enough to vote off one of their strongest players.

I am so rooting for the black team this season!

NOTE: I didn't take these pictures and take no credit for them.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Tried. . .

Dear Mr. President,

In years past, I always avoided presidential speeches in front of Congress.
"Why?" you may ask.

It becomes very difficult for me to sit through two hours of clapping to hear a 30 minute speech.
Yes, I would like to hear what you have to say and determine how it impacts my family; however, I get very tired of seeing all of the Jack-in-the-Boxes bounce out of their seats at your every other word.

This year, I decided to change my ways and watch anyway.
Secretly, I was hoping that my memories were wrong.
But no, the Jack-in-the-Boxes were there in full force.
At one point, I thought we would be graced with a dance number as it appeared that Nancy-baby was about to jump up on the desk behind you in her overwhelming excitement.

The one exception - the standing ovation for the soldiers.
For that one, I would sit through hours of clapping.

I may be wrong, but from the look on your face and how often you tried to talk over the clapping, you may have been a bit frustrated as well.

We tried to listen.
We tried to determine your plan for our Country's future.
We tried to find hope that we can recover.

We finally gave up and went to bed.
I will search the internet for your message. . .
Without the Jack-in-the-Boxes.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Decision Has Been Made. . .

After scrolling through paint flip books. . .
After making two trips to the store for paint samples. . .
After applying seven paint colors on the walls. . .
After looking at said paint colors in various lights. . .

We have decided that the Master Bedroom will be two different shades of sage green.

Now, to figure out the Master Bathroom.
Oh wait. . .I guess we have to wait on the walls to be installed first, hmmm?


Friday, February 20, 2009

Made It!

Final weigh in for the competition was today.
I lost 6.6%, so I continue my trend of always making weight.

I have some thinking to do this weekend: whether to continue on for another 6 weeks to get to the end goal of 10%.

Hmmmm. . .


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Can You Believe It's Been A Year?

On 2/15/2008, MBB and I closed on our house.
On 3/16/2008, I moved into our house (I don't recommend moving while jet-lagged!).

Over the last year, there have been many times that both of us shook our heads over the amount of work we signed up for. I believe "If I would have realized. . ." was even muttered on occasion.
It wasn't until the other night, when we realized that we were coming up in on the "anniversary" of our closing, that we realized. . .We've gotten A LOT DONE this past year!

We. . .
- Converted the extra bedroom to a bathroom.
- Connected into city water (Goodbye cistern!).
- Networked the house (Still have holes in some walls from that one!).
- Installed air conditioning with a new furnace (Just in time for the first frost!).
- Replaced the water heater.
- Installed an attic ladder (Us non-monkey types can get up there now too!).
- Made structural changes in: Kitchen/Dining Room (it's now one room!), OB's Room and MaBell's Room. . .

The list could go on and on. . .
Instead of boring you with the minuscule details, I'll try to post "finished" pictures in the near future (It may take awhile as my computer. . .the main picture editor one. . .has bit the dust).

Granted, our list of "To Dos" is still pretty large, but I don't feel as overwhelmed now that the "Dones" are getting close to catching up with the "To Dos"!  
The structural change occurring in the Master Bedroom and Master Bath is currently in-process. The scraps on my left ankle/foot from falling over a pile of lumber in the middle of the night are pretty good proof of our in-process-ness.


Monday, February 09, 2009



I'd like to think that your primary job as a coach is to be a positive role model.
Yes, you are also there to help the kids develop their athletic abilities, but being an example is first and foremost the most important part of your job.

I am very dismayed at your behavior this weekend.
I could see your point in the first half when you were having a heated discussion with the officials.
I think most of us in the stands saw your point and you did cause them to add a third ref.

I could not see your point at the end of the game when you refused to let our kids shake hands.
I could not see your point when it took four adults to hold you back as you were screaming at the other coach.
Yes, I agree that he did not show good sportsman-like conduct by running the score up as high as he did, but did it really warrant your actions?

The fact that this is not the first time you have acted like this (just the first time this year) and that the school considers this behavior acceptable is a huge concern to me.
I can only hope that the kids on your team do not look up to you as a role model, but as an example of how not to act.


Thursday, February 05, 2009


Sorry for being a bit MIA lately. . .
With the weather, MBB's car breaking down and lots of other stuff going on, the blog was one of the things that dropped off of the list of things that got done (unfortunately, the gym was a casualty as well).

I'll attempt to get back in the swing of things soon, but posting will probably be light for a bit.


Monday, February 02, 2009

Frozen Lunches

I eat frozen lunches about five times a week.
I think they are economical and healthy. The only down side is the sodium content, but I deal.

I bought some SmartOnes a few weeks ago due to a sale at my grocery store.
I usually buy LeanCuisines, but with the cost. . .they sometimes don't fit in the budget.

Today, I had the SmartOnes Chicken Santa Fe meal.
I now remember why I search for LeanCuisines on sale!!!