Monday, May 31, 2010


Been feeling a bit blah lately from some stuffiness and all of that good stuff.
I got a bit burnt at the pool this weekend, so I also have the chills where my skin is nice and red.

Should be interesting - I'm going to try to sleep more so that I can enjoy the summer time a bit more.


Budget Challenge - May

Here's the results for this month in our Grocery/Supplies reduction.
(OK - I am TRYING to get caught up. . .Yes, this was actually posted in July)

Budget: $400 (up slightly due to MaBell's Birthday Party)
Actual OOP: $454.35
Retail Price: $803.21
Coupon Savings: $182.66
Sales Savings: $166.20

We were over budget this month - some of it was due to MaBell's party, but some was due to some of the stockpiling that happened with some great sales.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Grilled Pizza

MBB and I bought a new grill this past weekend - it is on the small side, but it is a radiant.
Some friends of ours have a big radiant and they have a horrible problem with smoke.

When MBB mentioned that we needed to use the grill as much as possible this week (to see if we like it or need to exchange it for our other choice. . .bigger and not a radiant, but the same price), I remembered seeing a blog post
here for grilled pizza.

We tried it tonight with a mix for the crust, chicken / bacon on MBB's and OB's and chicken / pineapple on MaBell's and mine. I thought it tasted good (especially with LaRosa's new onion and garlic sauce), but MBB didn't like the flour taste on the crust (the flour that I used to roll the dough out on the counter).

If I can figure out how to get rid of that taste / texture for him, I think this will be a repeat!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Garden Creations

We (well MBB really) have started working on the building blocks for our garden area.
We lost the garden spot from last year due to moving dirt around for our new garage.

As we were debating, we realized that the four little doggies on the road who like to mark their territory daily and the two big doggies who like to roll around in everything may be an issue.
So, I talked MBB into we decided to try some small garden boxes this year.
If they work, MBB we will be doing some major landscaping and build some more for a more permanent set-up. (Did ya notice that I finally figured out how to do a strike-through! WooHoo!!)

This is the start to the first box.
It will get legs and a gardening cloth before we start loading it with dirt and plants.

We also made a potato box.
I am so looking forward to growing lots of potatoes in a small amount of space. :)
MBB created the frame, we (him and I) got the wire on it and then MaBell and I got to work on the assembly...Females with power tools!!!

Believe it or not, this is done for now.
I'll add dirt and plantings and it will be about two weeks before we add another row of boards.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Training Attempt?

It appears that OB is trying to train Yeager-bomb to poop directly into the scoop. . .
You see what Yeager-bomb thought of that idea (it wasn't his idea, so it wasn't a good idea!).


Sunday, May 23, 2010

My List - 5/24 (x2)

C: Coupons (actually attached to my shopping list - There may be others, but this is what I have in my possession/have ordered).
MB: Meijer Meal-box (actually attached). W: Walgreens coupon (actually attached).
E: Kroger's e-coupon (actually loaded on my card).
RR: Register Reward from Walgreens (for next transaction)
(#): Tells you the number I am planning on buying.
Reminders: Kroger doubles up to $1 all coupons. Meijer doubles up to $1 up to two identical coupons. All starting prices are coming from match-ups posted, sometimes the sales aren't happening here and I realize that at the store.

Lean Cuisine: $1.88 - $1/2 C = $1.38 Bought at Meijer for $2 - C (4)
Sunny D: $1 - $.25 C = $.50 Decided I didn't need since I got the LC at Meijer

Kraft Dressing: $2 - $.55 C - $1 MB = FREE (Buy 4, get $3 Catalina)
(Stock up price) (4) may go back
Kraft Singles: 3/$5 - $1/2 MB = $1.17 Decided no go
Aunt Millie's Bread: $3.19 - B1G2 = $.73 (OB loves the Light Wheat!) Lt Wheat not included in sale
Ragu: $1.29 - $1/2 C - $1/2 MB = $.29 (Stock up price) (2)
Knorr Sides (Rice or Pasta): $1 - $.60/2 C - $1/4 MB = $.25 (Stock up price) (4)
John Morrell Off the Bone: $2.50 - $1 C - $1/2 MB = $1 Sold out

Walmart (if I am going there for something else)
Heinz: $1
Angel Soft 12ct double: $4 - $.50 C = $3.5


Friday, May 21, 2010

Transformation Update #3

The 3rd weigh-in was today. . .

I GAINED 1 lb.
I did not eat anything that put me over my calories for the day.
I did cardio 5 times since the last weigh-in.
I'm baffled and hoping that it's just my body doing a check.

I don't know what my weight is, but I am being told my loss/gain.


Thursday, May 20, 2010


Does anyone have the Grill Daddy?

We are on the verge of getting a new grill and I am seriously thinking about investing in one of these. . .Or something similar.

Yes, I said NEW. . .Not gently used. :)

If you are thinking it may be good for you too - you may want to use the link above to enter Raising Olives' giveaway as well.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Deals. . . Updated 2x

UPDATE: The red reflects changes to my plan. :)

I am not going to start posting all of the sales and coupon match-ups. . .
There are lots of great sites out there that already do that.
I can recommend a few if you need them. :)

Many times I will create my list and then not go. Why is this a problem?
In a week or two, I am buying those items for a higher price because we need them rather than already having them in my stock pile (and they WERE on my to buy list just recently).
I also have a bad habit of writing down a coupon on my list and not going to get it. AUGH!
So, I am thinking that I am usually better when the blog world holds me accountable (back in the very beginning of this blog, for some reason, I was much better about exercising regularly).
I have decided to start posting "my planned" shopping trips for the week.

Here goes my experiment. . .
C: Coupons (actually attached to my shopping list - There may be others, but this is what I have in my possession).
MB: Meijer Meal-box (actually attached).
W: Walgreens coupon (actually attached).
E: Kroger's e-coupon (actually loaded on my card).
(#): Tells you the number I am planning on buying.
Reminders: Kroger doubles up to $1 all coupons. Meijer doubles up to $1 up to two identical coupons.
All starting prices are coming from match-ups posted, sometimes the sales aren't happening here and I realize that at the store.

Smart Ones: $1.58 - $3/6 C = $1.08 (6)
Green Giant: $.88 - $.50 C = $.38 (2)

Deli Creations: $1.99 W - $1 C = $.99 (2) GOT AT MEIJER
Secret Deodorant: $2.29 W - $.50 C = $1.79 (2)
Potting Soil: $.99 W

Dollar General
Welch's Grape Juice: $2 - $1 C = $1 (7) NOT ON SALE

Meijer (Will have to do multiple transactions for the yogurt!)
Yoplait: 10/$4 - $.40/6 C (have 4) - $.50/6 C (have 1) = $.26/each (30 - should get more!)
Crystal Light: $2 - $1 C - $1 MB = FREE (Couldn't find the kind the coupon was for)
Country Crock Butter: $1.29 - $.40 C = $.49 (2)
Aunt Millie's Bread: $1.29 - $.55 C = $.29 (2)
Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs: 4/$5 - $1/2 C - $1/2 MB = $.50 (10)
Lean Cuisine: $2 - $1/5 C - $1/5 MB = $1.60 (15) NOT ON SALE
Meijer Pretzels: $.99 FORGOT THIS ONE
Milk: $1.88
(Was on sale for $2.00 at my store)
Aussie Hair Products: $2.50 - $2 = $.50 (2) Didn't have what the coupon was for
Treseme Fresh Start Hair Products: ? - B0G0 C - $2 C = ? (4) No Go

Land O'Frost Lunch Meat: $2.99 - $.55 C = $1.99 (2)
Quaker Instant Oatmeal: ? - $.75 C = ? (1)
Quaker True Delights Oatmeal: ? - $1 C = ? (2) (They only had blueberry...No thanks.)
Eggs: ? (I can't remember the price, but I bought a container of 2 dozen - ~$.85/dozen?)
Strawberries: 4/$5
+ I have $9 off in past $ off next visits
Kraft Salad Dressing: $1.89 - $1 MB = $.89 (8)


Monday, May 17, 2010

Bag or Bed?

Lately, the bags in our house have become cat beds. . .

We really need to find a cat bed that Yeager Bomb likes.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I have had lots of experiences with coaches over the last three years.
And as the school looks for a new coach, I find myself thinking about what makes a good coach.

I realized that (in my opinion), it is very simple. . .
The coach should:
1) Assist the players in improving their skills.
2) Be able to communicate well (both to the parents and the players).
3) Be fair! Do what you say.

I don't care if the players like the coach. I don't care if they win championship (though it would be nice). I want my child (and the rest of the kids) to grow as players and have an equal shot of developing those skills. And of course, have fun (though I have found that the fun is created by the team, not the coach).

I understand that life will not be fair when they grow up, but THESE ARE KIDS and they should be able to experience sports AS KIDS with an environment where they can learn, understand and be able to work within the environment that what they are told is what will happen.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Transformation Update

The 2nd weigh-in was today. . .
I lost ~4 more lbs.

I don't know what my weight is, but I am being told my loss.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sanity Check

I have been reading some funny wedding stories lately - mainly about Bride-zillas.
There have even been a few jokes about me turning into a Bride-zilla ("Where are the figs????").
I don't think I am, but deep down, I had some fears of there being some truth to the jokes. . .
So, I wanted to do a sanity check.
I found this definition on-line:

Bridezillaism is defined as the attitude of entitlement. Every real life bride, who I have identified as such, entered into her wedding planning with a definite attitude of selfishness and entitlement, which eventually, led to a disregard for the welfare of others.

I frequently state that this is not "my" wedding, but "our" wedding.
The food? MBB's favorite.
The cake flavors? My favorite. The kids' favorite. One for the diabetics in the family.
The groom's cake? MBB's preference (he doesn't care for cake).
The bridesmaids' dressing? Their choice (I just picked the color, asked for it to be "about" knee length and short / no sleeves).
I created the guest list based on "the right thing to do" and as a result have had to leave some friends off of the list.
One or our registries is at a store know for the availability of 20% off coupons.
I deliberately chose things to put on that registry starting at $5. I didn't want to put high dollar items on it at all, but was reminded that some "groups" may want to buy a large gift. I put on just a few.
I am sticking to our budget and NO ONE will go into debt for this occasion.
I say "I" a lot in regards to the decision of the wedding, not because I have taken over, but because MBB really doesn't care. "Just tell me the time and location and I'll be there." is his response when I try to get him involved in the planning.

Am I turning into a Bride-zilla?
I hope not!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Happy belated Mother's Day to everyone.

I didn't get to touch the computer until about 10pm last night and I was exhausted! I got my email downloaded onto the computer and that was it. . .Didn't even read it - so no blog posting for me (what's new, right?).

I had a great Mom's Day: Church, Lunch with the family at a steakhouse, Working on projects around the house, Workout on the elliptical and supper at 9:45pm. :)

The church gave all of the mothers a flower (not sure what they were, but I got a red one).
The steakhouse gave all of the mothers a carnation (I got a white one).
MBB bought me a subscription for iFit Live for our elliptical that gets him out of buying a Mother's Day Gift and probably a Birthday Gift this year. It's the closest thing that I'll ever get to working out with Jillian Michaels. :)

My favorite part of the day?
A huge hug and "Happy Mother's Day" that I got from MaBell when I got my flowers at church.
How far we have come in the last three years!


Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mommy's Day

For Mother's Day, we went to church and then out for lunch.
I got a flower at both places. :)

Then we split up to work on some projects around the house.

MBB and I built a hanging shelf to hold my old TV in the exercise room (the TV is VERY heavy - took three of us to get it up on the shelf). We are pretty serious about using our new toy and need to keep from getting bored.

MaBell and OB hauled some "dark dirt" from another part of the farm. . .
The dirt right in front of our house is clay, so we are going to use the heavily fertilized stuff in our new flower beds. One of the benefits of having cows for neighbors (don't worry, the cows haven't been fed in this area of the farm in quite a few years).


Saturday, May 08, 2010

Sweet Sixteen Party

With our busy schedules, we had to have MaBell's Sweet Sixteen Party over a week after her birthday.

We had family arrive at 3 and friends arrive at 4.
I didn't want MaBell to feel like she couldn't spend time with her friends, but I didn't want family taking time to come celebrate and not get to see / talk to her at all.
The staggered times seemed to work well.

We also wanted people to be able to come and go without everyone having to be there to see the candles blown out.
Our solution?

We had four different kinds of cupcakes (and a small cake for MBB's college graduation):
. . .Red Velvet with Chocolate Cake inside
. . .Chocolate with Vanilla Creme inside . . .Cookies 'n Cream . . .Red Velvet / Yellow Marble

MaBell had a good time - therefore, I deem the party a success!


Friday, May 07, 2010

Transformation Update

The 1st weigh-in was today. . .
I lost 4 lbs. :)

I don't know what my weight is, but I am being told my loss.


Monday, May 03, 2010

Starting Again. . .

I have started the transformational journey again!
There is a new weight loss competition at work that I have joined. . .
BUT I do not know how much I weight or how much I need to lose (it would be too depressing!).
So, I think that will make me work extra hard to not pay any fines each week. :)

I am hoping that this competition propels me into a good weight management lifestyle.
I no longer have any excuses for not working out. . .
We are now the proud owners of a new elliptical with iFit Live.
I have found that is when my weight goes up - when I am not exercising.

I am also going to keep a food journal. I thought about posting it here for accountability, but I thought I may all of my readers as that is pretty boring stuff! :)


Sunday, May 02, 2010

Shedding Time. . .

Yeager-bomb is going into his shedding phase and it is driving us crazy.
I am even begining to think that he is the cause of some of my itchy nose sneezes.

We have tried brushing.
We have tried gloves to brush him.
Nothing seemed to work.

MBB found a new glove that tada. . .

This is one of two piles that I got off of him in one sitting.