Monday, May 03, 2010

Starting Again. . .

I have started the transformational journey again!
There is a new weight loss competition at work that I have joined. . .
BUT I do not know how much I weight or how much I need to lose (it would be too depressing!).
So, I think that will make me work extra hard to not pay any fines each week. :)

I am hoping that this competition propels me into a good weight management lifestyle.
I no longer have any excuses for not working out. . .
We are now the proud owners of a new elliptical with iFit Live.
I have found that is when my weight goes up - when I am not exercising.

I am also going to keep a food journal. I thought about posting it here for accountability, but I thought I may all of my readers as that is pretty boring stuff! :)


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