Saturday, December 29, 2012


The quality of photos taken on my iPhone is pretty crappy...
But it at least shows something.  :)
We have been busy in the basement and have actually gotten quite a bit done.
Don't talk to my Negative Nellys who say we have a lot more to do (I would like to celebrate paint and floors - okay?)...

The Family Room
Yes, the lighting is pretty bad too, which combined with the iPhone photos makes it pretty hard to see.
The walls are two different colors (okay - I really need to get the good camera out!)... Latte (On the left - which MBB says is peach) and Metalic Gold (On the right - which looks more mustard to me, but makes the Latte look more tan to MBB, so I'll deal with it).  The floor is Hickory.
The Pool Room
A fresh coat of the same color that it was before (Okay, slightly different because I couldn't find the name/formula numbers, but it is close) was needed as we finished the final wall and did some drywall fixes... The Hickory floors in the Family Room run into this room too.

The Craft Room
I now have my own room! 
To say that I am excited would be an under-statement!
It is a Cedar Green and Cotton Grey with Cherry Floors.


Friday, December 28, 2012

Colorful Room!

Since I was already painting a huge amount of colors in the basement, I decided not to add to the number for the wrapping/storage room... So, it ended up five random colors from the other rooms of the basement.

What can I say, I am a little... Feel free to fill in the blank.  :)

I'll try to get better pictures once the lighting gets improved.
The Dark Blue (from the Pool Room) matches up with the Metallic Gold (from the Family Room) in one corner...

And the Cedar Green (from the Craft Room) in the other corner...

And the Cotton Grey (from the Craft Room) meets up with the Allspice (from the Exercise Room)...
Yes, the shadow is covering the Cotton Grey.

Now to decide if OB's idea of stenciling on the walls is going to happen or not.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Being Artsy...

I talked MBB into letting me be artsy in our main bathroom.
We had a drywall repair to do, so I was going to have to repaint the bathroom anyway.

Hense, the return of reverse ragging.
It used to be a big "fad" years and years ago when I did two rooms in my condo.
Now, apparently, it is no more.
I couldn't find anything on it to show MBB what I wanted to do.

In the end, he took my word and even helped me with the glaze.
And even the glaze has changed huge amounts over the years.

The results?

OB has deemed it "really kewl" and thinks I should do more.
I think I'll figure out how to incorporate the reverse rag into crafts and not on more walls.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

12 Books in 12 Months?

Still working on my revised goal of 12 Books in 12 Months.
Don't get me wrong - I read A LOT.
If I counted, I'd probably be at about 50 Books this year.
But the 12 Books in 12 Months were to be NEW reads (I have a habit of reading books over and over) and have a bit more substance than a soft back romance.  I didn't discount all romances as the JDRobb Series is included, but that is a great series that aren't based around romance.  The murder mysteries make me thing and are intriguing.

Here's an updated status of my progress...
1. (AKA Jan) Steve Jobs
2. (AKA Feb) American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History
3. Hunger Games (Hunger Games Book 1)
4. Catching Fire (Hunger Games Book 2)
5. Mockingjay (Hunger Games Book 3)
6. Celebrity In Death
7. Delusion In Death
8. Between A Heart and A Rock Place
9. Put On Your Crown
10. Lips Unsealed (a memoir) <--- Currently reading
11. Lincoln <--- Currently reading... Since this is 700+ pages, it should count as two!!!
12.  <--- Got another one upstairs that I am "trying" to read...I'll update the name later.

Since I'm taking it easy the next few days - I may have time to get through some books and get the 12 completed before the ball drops.


Friday, December 21, 2012


I had a decision to make...
Been struggling with it for a few years...
It was a hard one, one I didn't want to even think about...
But my body was starting to weigh in on the decision and kinda made it for me.

So, I say goodbye to a dream...
But, I also say goodbye to a lot of pain...

My activity will be limited for awhile, which means that I may have time to blog...
For awhile anyway.

Update 9:00pm...
So, I didn't get to say goodbye to the pain.  Stupid body.
Let's hope/prayer for a reduction in pain at least...

Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Been Awhile...

I had a list of good topics to blog about...
Can't find the list...

I had on the "To Do" list many times to blog...
That's the one item that didn't get crossed off...

On the bright side, we have gotten through the tornado repair...
We are now making serious progress on the basement remodel that got set aside in March...

The 2012 Letter was written...
The Christmas Cards are mailed...
The seriously scaled back baking is done...

Now, I just need to finish the Christmas shopping and wrapping.