Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Being Artsy...

I talked MBB into letting me be artsy in our main bathroom.
We had a drywall repair to do, so I was going to have to repaint the bathroom anyway.

Hense, the return of reverse ragging.
It used to be a big "fad" years and years ago when I did two rooms in my condo.
Now, apparantly, it is no more.
I couldn't find anything on it to show MBB what I wanted to do.

In the end, he took my word and even helped me with the glaze.
And even the glaze has changed huge amounts over the years.

The results?

OB has deemed it "really kewl" and thinks I should do more.
I think I'll figure out how to incorporate the reverse rag into crafts and not on more walls.


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