Saturday, December 29, 2012


The quality of photos taken on my iPhone is pretty crappy...
But it at least shows something.  :)
We have been busy in the basement and have actually gotten quite a bit done.
Don't talk to my Negative Nellys who say we have a lot more to do (I would like to celebrate paint and floors - okay?)...

The Family Room
Yes, the lighting is pretty bad too, which combined with the iPhone photos makes it pretty hard to see.
The walls are two different colors (okay - I really need to get the good camera out!)... Latte (On the left - which MBB says is peach) and Metalic Gold (On the right - which looks more mustard to me, but makes the Latte look more tan to MBB, so I'll deal with it).  The floor is Hickory.
The Pool Room
A fresh coat of the same color that it was before (Okay, slightly different because I couldn't find the name/formula numbers, but it is close) was needed as we finished the final wall and did some drywall fixes... The Hickory floors in the Family Room run into this room too.

The Craft Room
I now have my own room! 
To say that I am excited would be an under-statement!
It is a Cedar Green and Cotton Grey with Cherry Floors.


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