Thursday, January 03, 2013

Starting out 2013

I read a lot of blogs...

Yes, I know - I'm great at reading them, but not so great at writing them.
Working on it.

A common topic right now is resolutions, goals, plans, etc, etc, etc.
I don't like doing resolutions...It feels like setting myself up for failure as most conversations revolve around "what day did you make it to".  I try to do my resolutions on another month or a specific week.  Something that gets less attention by others and more focus by me.

I do like goals, but the long term kind... not the year kind.
Don't get me wrong, MBB and I have things we want to do, but more like "done this winter" or "done before schools starts next fall"... not done in 2013.

About two years ago, we set up a financial plan that is chugging along and working just like we wanted.

When a big item is getting crossed off of the list, I have to review all of the details and move things around as needed to stay on track.  I have no desire to revamp/make a new one/start over...

Especially since I get to do a happy dance in about a week when the first big item gets crossed off and I have to look at all of the details.  :)


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