Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Garden Creations

We (well MBB really) have started working on the building blocks for our garden area.
We lost the garden spot from last year due to moving dirt around for our new garage.

As we were debating, we realized that the four little doggies on the road who like to mark their territory daily and the two big doggies who like to roll around in everything may be an issue.
So, I talked MBB into we decided to try some small garden boxes this year.
If they work, MBB we will be doing some major landscaping and build some more for a more permanent set-up. (Did ya notice that I finally figured out how to do a strike-through! WooHoo!!)

This is the start to the first box.
It will get legs and a gardening cloth before we start loading it with dirt and plants.

We also made a potato box.
I am so looking forward to growing lots of potatoes in a small amount of space. :)
MBB created the frame, we (him and I) got the wire on it and then MaBell and I got to work on the assembly...Females with power tools!!!

Believe it or not, this is done for now.
I'll add dirt and plantings and it will be about two weeks before we add another row of boards.


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