Saturday, May 08, 2010

Sweet Sixteen Party

With our busy schedules, we had to have MaBell's Sweet Sixteen Party over a week after her birthday.

We had family arrive at 3 and friends arrive at 4.
I didn't want MaBell to feel like she couldn't spend time with her friends, but I didn't want family taking time to come celebrate and not get to see / talk to her at all.
The staggered times seemed to work well.

We also wanted people to be able to come and go without everyone having to be there to see the candles blown out.
Our solution?

We had four different kinds of cupcakes (and a small cake for MBB's college graduation):
. . .Red Velvet with Chocolate Cake inside
. . .Chocolate with Vanilla Creme inside . . .Cookies 'n Cream . . .Red Velvet / Yellow Marble

MaBell had a good time - therefore, I deem the party a success!


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