Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sanity Check

I have been reading some funny wedding stories lately - mainly about Bride-zillas.
There have even been a few jokes about me turning into a Bride-zilla ("Where are the figs????").
I don't think I am, but deep down, I had some fears of there being some truth to the jokes. . .
So, I wanted to do a sanity check.
I found this definition on-line:

Bridezillaism is defined as the attitude of entitlement. Every real life bride, who I have identified as such, entered into her wedding planning with a definite attitude of selfishness and entitlement, which eventually, led to a disregard for the welfare of others.

I frequently state that this is not "my" wedding, but "our" wedding.
The food? MBB's favorite.
The cake flavors? My favorite. The kids' favorite. One for the diabetics in the family.
The groom's cake? MBB's preference (he doesn't care for cake).
The bridesmaids' dressing? Their choice (I just picked the color, asked for it to be "about" knee length and short / no sleeves).
I created the guest list based on "the right thing to do" and as a result have had to leave some friends off of the list.
One or our registries is at a store know for the availability of 20% off coupons.
I deliberately chose things to put on that registry starting at $5. I didn't want to put high dollar items on it at all, but was reminded that some "groups" may want to buy a large gift. I put on just a few.
I am sticking to our budget and NO ONE will go into debt for this occasion.
I say "I" a lot in regards to the decision of the wedding, not because I have taken over, but because MBB really doesn't care. "Just tell me the time and location and I'll be there." is his response when I try to get him involved in the planning.

Am I turning into a Bride-zilla?
I hope not!


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