Sunday, May 16, 2010


I have had lots of experiences with coaches over the last three years.
And as the school looks for a new coach, I find myself thinking about what makes a good coach.

I realized that (in my opinion), it is very simple. . .
The coach should:
1) Assist the players in improving their skills.
2) Be able to communicate well (both to the parents and the players).
3) Be fair! Do what you say.

I don't care if the players like the coach. I don't care if they win championship (though it would be nice). I want my child (and the rest of the kids) to grow as players and have an equal shot of developing those skills. And of course, have fun (though I have found that the fun is created by the team, not the coach).

I understand that life will not be fair when they grow up, but THESE ARE KIDS and they should be able to experience sports AS KIDS with an environment where they can learn, understand and be able to work within the environment that what they are told is what will happen.


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