Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Love Hate Relationship

Yes, I have one. . .
With my kitchen.

Some days, I love to create things.
Some days, I despise even walking in there!

Today was more of a "can't stand this headache, so I'll do some new things to take my mind off of it" type of day!

I have a pile of recipes both in paper form and electronic.
I started organizing electronically this morning and threw a few ingrediants on my grocery list.
When we got home, I didn't put those ingrediants away. . .I started creating.
(I started organizing the paper pile too, but that will have to wait for another day!)

I now have a containers of 3-2-1 Chocolate Cake Mix, 3-2-1 Yellow Cake Mix and Cream Soup Base.
My refrigerator has Blackberry Jello and Orange Jello chilling.
My bread maker is chugging.

Ok, gotta be honest, the break maker creation was caused by finding a mix in the cupboard while I was rearranging...
There wasn't any room left for it...
Frugal me couldn't throw it away!

I have quite a few recipes that I want to try soon, especially around the holidays!


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