Monday, September 10, 2012

Ready For Some Football?

I miss professional football.
This is the first year in many that I am not a season ticket holder.

It was a hard decision.
It was my decision alone.
In the end, I decided that football wasn't there for me anymore.
And my pocketbook could no longer be there for football.

My decision has had some reprocussions.
Relationships I had with some are no longer the same.
And I've realized, relationships based on tickets (could write a lot more on this, but I won't)...better that they changed.

I still wanted to go to training camp, but with the move to downtown, I just couldn't see it happening.
I still wear my orange, but I couldn't tell you a name when I see a number.
I still plan on watching, but I may not make it through the game (especially tonight) if checking Algebra II homework turns into teaching and won't fit into the commercial times.

I still attend Friday Night Lights.
But it just isn't the same.


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