Friday, September 07, 2012

My Love / Do not Love

Carmen shared some of her love / hate and got me thinking. . .

Things I love:
Skinny Lattes
Bear Hugs from MBB and Luke
Coupons matching up with a sales
My slingshot camera bag
Books - the kind you hold in your hands
American Football
Smell of a burning bonfire
Edy's Slow Churned Ice Cream (especially ala mode on a warm brownie or lava cake)
Making log cabin quilts
Logic Problems
Singing "Come On Eileen" in the car when no one can hear me
My kitty cat paw that lays claim to my arm or coupons or book
The fact that the "love" part of this blog post is bigger than the other part!

Things I do not love:
Sound of teeth on silverware
Seeing food as it is being chewed
Driving in winter weather
The fat ring around the top of my pants
Frizzy Hair
Political Debates
Cigerette Smoke
Will Farrell movies
Happy super sensitive skin
Deceitful, dishonest attitudes
Mudding dry wall
Drama, not on a movie screen
Things that have more than four legs


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