Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Stress has always been my nemasis.
Or however you spell that.

I even went through the great experience of an ambulance ride due to panic / anxiety attacks when I first entered the "real" working world.  Nothing like on-the-job training!

I now have someone in my life who is begining to know my "real" limits when I think I still have some more...
That helps! 

I have had a lot of things happen during this year that has made the Stress-o-Meter jump.
I haven't been able to partake in my de-stressing activities that usually calm that meter down.

So, I have a To Do List (what's new, right?). . .
I need to start crossing things off of that list (which is a de-stressor in itself for me).
I need to get some things done that will allow me to get back to enjoying life!
I need to get back to crafting, creating and enjoying.


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