Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Guest Poster

MaBell told me that I had to blog about this. I started to and then decided that she could tell the story much better than I. So, this post is from our guest poster - MaBell. . .

So you know when you have those "0h $%#@" moments? Well tonight, one of these moments happened to me.
I decided to through ALL OF MY WHITES in with blue jeans (genius). The lil voice in my head said "MaBell don't do it". Too late lil voice, the white hoodie is spotted black from the ink pen you use in English.
Now maybe I will start listening to SassyMarie when she tells me not to mix whites and colours while doing laundry. :( Can you say Bummer?

Imagine - I was standing in the kitchen and in walks MaBell. . .
"You know how you always tell me. . ."
"Guess that I'll start listening. . ."


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