Monday, March 12, 2007

One Of Those Feelings. . .

Ever had one of those feelings that puts a pit in your stomach?
That feeling that means something not-so-good has happened / is about to happen?

Had it today. . .Came on me pretty sudden while I was driving home from the gym.
Not sure why. . .I'll be honest - it scared the sh*t out of me.

Just a few examples from previous feelings:
> Right before my first car wreck when I was 16.
> About an hour before the tow truck pulled my brother's car into the driveway.
> When my fiance (now ex-) got some side-action (on his break at work - timing matched up).

You better believe that I made a few phone calls. . .
You better believe that I drove a bit more carefully getting home. . .

By about 7:45, I realized that an issue at work probably (hopefully) caused this one.
The feeling has eased a bit, but I'm still a bit edgy.


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