Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I realized today that my blog roll didn't reflect the sites that I frequent.
I updated it with a few of them. . .

I was looking at my calendar today and realized that most of my weekends between now and the end of April are pretty full. This is a problem how? Because I want to go dancing!!! Hard to do that when you are already scheduled to be someplace else. I've been having lots of fun getting out on the town and am kinda bummed that my options are pretty limited.

I saw a graphic for myspace today that said: "All I want is for one guy to prove to me that they're NOT all the same." For some reason, I really liked that quote - but it didn't work on my page. I know that many men could come back with the same saying about women. My response - I am proud of the fact that I am unique and do not fall into most of the female stereotypes!


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