Thursday, March 15, 2007

First Dates. . .

In my blog surfing tonight, I stumbled upon a list of good restaurants for a first date. . .

Since I don't want to be in a restaurant every time I turn around (see "Transformation" posts if this comment makes you go "Huh?"), I started compiling a list of good first dates.

I mentioned to Lexismoo that I was thinking about a blog post listing good first dates. Her response: Is there such a thing? Yes, I know that first dates are stereotypically bad. . .So, why not do something fun despite it being a first date? After all, nothing is worse than a first date with boring plans (Don't get me started about the blind date where we drove around for two hours before he finally decided we should see a movie)!

1. Dining Out Dates I could write loads about this, but David at Cincinnati Restaurant Reviews beat me to it (and was the thought-starter for this post). Why recreate the wheel? I can say that I haven't been to any of the restaurants on his list - gives me some good ideas, especially since I'm back in the dating world. Some of his points could be applicable for any of the items listed in this post.

2. Fun Dates Things such as bowling and putt-putt come to mind. Doing something active so that you aren't stuck in uncomfortable silence is always good. . .Making it something that also has the potential of having comedic (is that a real word?) value is also a plus!

3. Mini-Dates Not sure if this is a person with whom you want to spend an entire evening? How about a coffee date? Meet at the coffee shop and spend some time chit-chatting. A unique, one-of-a-kind coffee shop would be an even better idea - plenty of conversation topics. This made my list because it feels safer, is less stressful, fits into a busy schedule and has room for growth if the date is showing potential!

4. Exploring Dates Wondering around the zoo or searching through all of the tanks at the aquarium. . .I like the idea of being able to walk around, explore and learn a bit, but still have an opportunity to get acquainted.

5. Community Dates I'm a big fan of first dates that make me feel comfortable - face it, you are with someone for the FIRST time and there is always a level of stress from making sure that you are safe. By community dates, I do not mean a huge group date. I'm referring more to community festivals or a concert in the park (not the loud, arena concerts). . .You know - those "crowd" events that are listed in the local paper.

This is by no means a list made in stone. It is just what popped into my head over the last hour.

Anyone else got some ideas? I think this list could be valuable not only to those asking, but to those being asked as well. . .I typically get the "Want to go out" with a "What do you want to do?" immediately following it.



Nancy said...

S -

"Don't get me started about the blind date where we drove around for two hours before he finally decided we should see a movie"

I, for one, totally think you should blog on this date. Where did you drive? What do two people who don't know each other discuss for two hours in a car?

Me, my weirdest first date was driving 45 minutes to see Disclosure. The (unlikely) sexual harrasment from Demi Moore made for an odd 45 minute drive back to my apartment. Ugh.


Sassy Marie said...

Hmmm...Maybe I can do one on Blind Dates - That one and another from h e double toothpicks comes to mind. I'll have to see how many details I can remember!