Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 in review


A year of...
 . . .hurry up and wait
 . . .uncertainty
 . . .grandsons
 . . .traveling
 . . .hard work
 . . .and it paying off

I'm scared to count up all of the trips that I / we were on this year.
Let's just say that I made Gold with Marriott and was one flight (not trip) away from Silver with Delta.  If I could get a reward level for all of the driving that I did - that would probably be Platinum!

A big chunk of the year was dedicated to getting my condo ready to go on the market and we still aren't there yet.  :(  I am hopeful that will happen in January, though the winter is not the best time of the year to sell.  It was a great first home and served me well, but we are ready to move on in preparation for our move.

With all of the up-in-the-air with work, it was nice to finally get the official letter in December making our destination official.  We are now just waiting on the official timing, but we can say "Southeast Michigan...Here we come!"

The letter also brought about all of my hard work paying off as I got the position that I've been working toward for quite awhile... Made for a great ending to the year.

2016 will be full of working on properties, lots of travel and even more grandbabies...
I am hopeful that I can keep up with the blog, but with the new position at work - that may be a stretch.  We shall see how it goes.


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