Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Goals... How Did I Do?

I hate resolutions...
They just scream to be broke...
And you either did it or didn't, no retakes, no recoveries...
So much pressure!

Nope, not doing them.

So, I do goals.  They are targets that I might do good one month, but not another.
I can improve slowly or go full speed ahead.
I have options and I am in a better mindset for that!

So, let's see how I did on the 2015 Goals (and I get to reflect on what the 2016 ones should be):

Physical Side
-Get my Fitbit to exceed 10,000 steps at least three times a week... GULP
Let's not talk about the first half of the year on this one. 
I believe that I was hitting about 2-3K a day. 
Not at all successful. 
Then, on August 9th, a switch flipped (and I went on a vacation with lots of walking) and I started 10K a day. 
In the first 11 weeks, I only missed my goal on 12 days (and three of those 12, I hit 9K). 
Since then, I have hit 10,000 steps 68 days in a row (including today).

-Wear my retainer at least once a week...
I started strong and am ending somewhat strong, but the middle was not so good.
In fact, I got better at the end because MBB mentioned that my teeth were moving and yeah, sometimes it is really handy to have a partner that gives it to you like it is...

Mental Side
-Read 12 books (hardback or thought provoking)...  Changed: Read 12 that are recommendable.
I'll post on this one separately.  I know that I hit my original target easily, but not so sure on the revised.  The last few months got a little weird for me and I didn't touch the kindle much.

-Scrapbook the pictures that are already sitting in my craft room (Yes - scrapbooking is mental!  Try coming up with creative, good-looking layouts!)...
OUCH.  I did not scrap one picture in the room this year.  I did make books (from digital pictures) for Zilla/GenGen and MoMo, but those were for their Mommy and Daddy, not for us.

I focused more on sewing this year and I am okay with that!
I delivered three baby quilts and bigger ones to two of our nephews.
I have three more in process and only two more to make so that all of our nieces and nephews have them!  I foresee 2016 still being about quilts (and using up some fabric piles so that there is less to move to Michigan in 2017!).

Spiritual Side
-Get to church at least two times a month...
I was doing really well with this one (going three times a month) until Mother's Day.  
Let's just say that sermon put a sour taste in my month that still hasn't gone away.  
Every time I think about looking for a new church, I remember that Mother's Day sermon and I move on to something else...

-Read a devotion every Monday...
I did finish up the devotion book.  I will admit that I did it weekly until the beginning of November, then the kindle and I parted ways for a I had to do some catch up this week, but I did complete the year!

All in all, I think I did pretty well with the goals this year.
I may repeat some just for the accountability (like the 10K a day), but my idea to become such a part of my life that I don't have to call them out anymore.


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