Saturday, January 18, 2014

First World Luxuries...

I come across a lot of posts about First World Problems, especially on Facebook… 
You know, being stuck in traffic or waiting on a microwave or lag on the computer… 

It got me thinking about First World Luxuries. 
What are some of the little things that I never really think about that millions around the world don’t even know exist? I could say the typical: Paycheck, House, Computers etc…. 

But, I was thinking more of the small stuff. 

So, here goes: the 

Speech-to-Text App 
The one that I mentioned yesterday… 
Still trying to work out the kinks, but it is allowing me to multi-task a slight bit more. 

As I am trying to find more balance in my diet and my weight, this natural sugar has become a huge lifesaver for me! I bake with it. I keep a bowl of it in my desk at work. Now, if they could just improve the individual packets (yes, First World Problem). 

Sobe Lifewater 
A drink that is pretty mainstream (yes, more gas stations carry it than those who carry Diet Cherry Pepsi) and is sweetened with stevia! 

MyFitnessPal app 
I am back to logging all of my food into my smartphone and this app is a definite luxury! 

Well, for this thought, a Cell Phone would work as it is the old functionality that allows me to talk to MBB on days that we don’t see each other much - that is the luxury I focused on. 

The Ability to Read 
Yep, I love to read. It allows me to earn a paycheck, take care of my family and rest my mind. I don’t read as much as I used to, but if you saw my library at home, you would understand that it is still a big part of my life. Many people in this world do not know how to read their language and I am extremely blessed that I have this luxury. 

Don’t ask. 

What First World Luxury a small one you are you think? 


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