Wednesday, November 23, 2011

That Rocks. . .

I started to title this post "Quick Thoughts", but it evolved more into a list of things that rock. . .
I don't really think that this a "Thankful" post and not really a "Things that Make Me Happy" post. . .
It occurs to me that these may even be a way of finding the good. . .

1. MBB rocks.
He just does. It doesn't hurt that he was my night in shining armor last night when I had a flat tire. It also doesn't hurt that he took what he thought would be a 4.5 day project and turned it into more of a 2 day project.

2. My Manager rocks.
I don't normally talk about work in detail on my blog - really don't want to follow in Dooce's footsteps on that issue, but with all of the issues I have been having at work lately - he is definitely not one of them. He is a good boss and a good friend.

3. Yeager-bomb rocks.
Yep - love my kitty, even when he tries to lay on my hands as I am typing this post.

4. Robo rocks.
One of our splurges - he sweeps for us everyday and was well worth the money, even when he keeps beeping at me to empty him. It also appears that he has nine lives and Yeager-bomb is starting to tolerate him.

5. My lease program rocks.
Flat tire yesterday = no hassle fix today.

6. GFS's jalapeno cream cheese filled pretzels rock.
Yes, I'm munching on them as I blog.

7. Our bed rocks.
Even though we could use a new mattress, it is hard to think about spending a night away from home and sleeping anywhere other than our bed.

8. The quiet rocks.
Yes, I love music. Yes, my family loves TV.
But it is nice to sit here in the quiet with my thoughts.


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