Thursday, November 24, 2011


I know of many people who are posting something / one that they are thankful for every day in November. Since I have already committed to trying to blog everyday, I decided that another commitment wasn't a good recipe for success.

Instead, I am going to have a blog post that I am going to update throughout the month (no, not everyday) and post on Thanksgiving Day. . .You know, that day when I am going to be in taste bud overload. . . :)

SassyMarie is thankful for (in no particular order):

1. MBB
Yeah, I know that I said this list was in no particular order, but #1 is. I also know that it is cheesy to put my husband as my #1, but he is. I refused to settle all those years and waited a long time for him. He is my Handsome Husband (yes, that was him that you just saw cringe) and my Prince Charming. . .I'm doing just fine with that.
2. My Kids
They may not have been born in my body, but they were born in my heart. I would give my life for MaBell and OB, and in some ways have - My life has evolved into homework, hugs, sporting events, writing lots of checks, school meetings, etc.
I believe that being a parent is the hardest job that ever exist. I believe that it is even harder because I am a step. . .You know, not Mom.
Yes, I do have a furry kid too. . .Who is trying to lay on the keyboard as I type to make sure that he is the center of my world right now (yep, Dad isn't here at the moment).
3. My Health
I have to admit that this area isn't as good as it has been in the past, but I am very thankful that I can walk, see, talk, etc. I am realizing that I am so thankful for this area that I am going to try to focus more time on it in the near future.
4. My Wealth
I am not rich, though some people think I am. I am just frugal in where I choose to spend my money. I tend to use my elbow grease a lot more than others, so things look nice and I have that money to spend elsewhere. I am blessed that my bills are paid and I don't have to worry about how I am going to do that.
5. My Home
Yes, it is a money pit. Yes, it is definitely not my dream house, but it is our home. It shelters us and protects us and it, after four years, is becoming "ours".
6. My Family
I am very blessed to have family in my life - some family by blood, some family by choice. I am blessed that some have left and that some have stayed. I can truly say that this blessing is one that I cherish deeply.
7. My Friends
I am reminded of a piece that was written when I was in college and yes, it made it into the yearbook. . . I have posted it about it previously - in my own vague way.
8. I'm Employed
I have had such a rough few months in this area that I cannot truthfully say that I am thankful for my employer, but I am very thankful in this economy that I have a job and am earning a paycheck. That's right - I am thankful that I work for a living and am not "freeloading" off of everyone else.
9. Music
I reconnected with a very talented woman recently who reminded me in her own way that music is very important and some songs hold messages that I need to be reminded of, sometimes daily.
10. My Past
Everything that happened in my past has shaped who I have become. I may not like some of the individual experiences, but the impact on my life needs to be acknowledged. There are some important people who love who I am today, I must be thankful for those experiences that made me this way.
I could probably come up with more, but this list feels right just the way it is.


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