Friday, November 25, 2011

My Black Friday. . .

The last two years, MBB and I have ventured out on Black Friday.
We usually avoid the opening times - you know, we didn't want to be pepper sprayed or anything.

This year, we happened to be driving home late and saw some "lines" from the highway. . .
It was a pretty scary site.

I decided to sleep until. . .Well, until I didn't anymore.
I woke up at 9:30 and realized that I missed all of the door busters.

I'm not too upset by this.

I surfed the net for a bit to see if there were any deals that interest me.
I found something. . .I bought it.
Alas, it wasn't on sale.
I did use ebates, at least.

Then, the kids realized that we left the bag of frozen meat in the car...
The raw, frozen meat was on the verge of being thawed and now had to be cooked before refreezing.
Yep, that meant a job for me.

I cooked. . .
and cooked. . .
and then decided that I might as well bake too.
I baked. . .

and baked. . .
and now I have breakfast sandwiches, cookies and a cut up roast in the freezer. . .
And an overflowing cookie jar and refrigerated meat prepped for a casserole.

It was a LONG, productive day in the kitchen.

Guess what makes it even better?
Someone else has clean-up duty!


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