Saturday, November 26, 2011

Almost an Oops. . .

I almost messed up.

I had a full day of cooking (breakfast and supper).

I worked a lot in the garage with MBB.
I pedaled three miles on the bike.
I got caught up on my Biggest Loser episodes.
I headed upstairs to fold clothes and go to bed. . .

Then, I realized what I hadn't done. . .

I didn't blog.

I almost messed up my NaBloMoPo.
Never fear, I headed back downstairs and am going to squeak in a post. :)

To not completely wimp out, I will share a crafty project. . .

Yep, I made these to hang in our entry way.
"Dance" "Graceful" "Dignified"
Uniquely ours.


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