Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I am not a big movie person.
I have a problem sitting in front of the TV / Movie Screen for that long. . .
Occasionally, okay.
All the time, yeah, no.

Problem is - I married into a movie / TV loving family.

There are a few movies that I do enjoy seeing.
Some have become tradition.

Yes, I'm talking about the Twilight Series.
I saw the first and the second with MaBell.
So, I had to take her to see the third.

MBB and OB like this tradition too. . .
No, they have not seen ANY of the Twilight movies.
But, when we are watching one, they get to go see another movie - usually, one that I will not watch (think Horror).

The third movie is by far the best of the series.
I don't even know if the fourth could beat it - not because the acting won't be better or the budget either (I'm sure they will be), but the subject matter will not have near the dramatic, computer affects that this one did (yes, I have read all of the books).

Never fear, when the fourth is released - I'll be there with MaBell. . .
Even if I have to drive all night to get to her college to take her.


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