Sunday, November 06, 2011


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I believe that I posted awhile back about how big of a role that music played in my life (Yep - HERE).

Since then, becoming a parent to teens has taken a larger role and the music doesn't play as often as it used to. I am more focused on having conversations, dealing with day to day things that come with raising kids and spending time with them. It also doesn't help that all four of us have different tastes in music, so we usually listen to country when we are together.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with country, but I have been blessed over the years to meet quite a few people who are amazing musicians. . .And none of them are classified as country (but some are also song writers and have been recorded by country artists).

I have also been having a rough time the last few months. No, it hasn't been because music is less of a role in my life. But today I realized that music used to help me deal with those rough times, or at least make them a bit easier to navigate through.

I was blessed a few years ago to spend a week with two musicians who lead a retreat that I attended in Missouri. I was blessed today to spend time with one of those musicians today: Karen Taylor-Good is an amazing song-writer / singer who focuses on life issues and yes, can even moonlight as a Wonderful Water Woman any day! She is real, she is talented, she touched me today again.

One song in particular was co-written with Karen Drucker called "I Am A Gift":
I am a gift
No matter what age
No matter how I look
No matter what I weigh
I am a gift
And I promise every day
When I look in the mirror I'll say
I am a gift

I am a gift
I've loved really well
And every year I've lived, has a different tale to tell
I've made some mistakes, have some regrets
But I promise I'll never forget
I am a gift

There may be times
When I forget the truth about me
When it seems time and youth are just marching on without me
That's when I might need you to find me
And ever so gently remind me
I am a gift

I'm God's precious child
I was put here on this earth, but only for awhile
So I make this vow and I say it with love
I am perfect and whole and enough
I am gift

I am perfect and whole and enough
I am a gift
I am a gift
I am a gift
I am a gift

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