Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Read Just A Few. . .

I read blogs more than I write blogs.
Lots of them.
So much that I use a blog reader to keep them organized.
Some blogs are in the Fun Folder, some in the Frugal Folder.
Then I have the Crafty Folder and the Kitchen Folder, you get the idea.

Typically on Mondays, I am in the Frugal Folder looking through the sales and coupon match-ups.
Some days, I am caught up, have everything read and am waiting on more.
Most days, I just got to a few folders and let the rest go (love "Marked Read anything older than a day").
Other days, I have over 500 posts because I haven't read in awhile.

Sometimes, I remember I need to go through the stars.
I tend to star things that intrigue me, but I don't have time to look at it now.
It usually takes me an hour to get through my stars. . .
I tend to star a lot.
If it is a recipe that still looks good, I print it (and get rid of the star).
If it is a tip that still intrigues me, I may keep it starred for next time.
If the thought "Why did that get starred?" leaps into my head. . . Bye bye star.

And another thought just popped into my head. . .
The blog roll on this site probably doesn't match the list on the blog.
Hmmm. . .

I might need to work on that one.


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