Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Saving pennies. . .

Yes, I am a couponer.
No, I am not an extreme couponer.

I have a certain teenager who is starting to eat me out of house and home, so I have to pinch pennies where I can to get more food in this house without spending more.

Do I stockpile?
Do I stockpile obscene amounts?
Absolutely not. I try to get just enough of an item to get us through to the next sale. Sometimes that is one month and sometimes it is six months.
Yes, I do have more than one pantry.
OK, I may be extreme in that my MBB tore out an old coat closet that we didn't use as a coat closet and built a stock-pile pantry for me, but we also live in the country. I have to put most of our food in totes or sealed containers to keep the critters out and that played a big part in it too. :)

Do I shop at multiple stores?
Do I go crazy chasing down every deal?
Nope. In fact, I probably miss more than I get.

Do I have a coupon binder?
Yep. MBB bought it for me for Christmas.
Does it save me time?
Is it crammed full?

Do I spend 40 hours a week trying to get 100 free toothbrushes?
Are you nuts?


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