Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Rising Temper?

I have been experiencing the Rising Temper lately. . .
Yep, from Rising Prices.

Produce: Bananas recently went up about 23%.
Milk: Also up about 25%.
Meat: Yeah, one of my grocery stores even stopped carrying really lean turkey. I'm assuming based on the price increases they have for the non-lean stuff, that the discontinuation was due to the cost.
Lumber: Yes, I am a female and I know the cost of lumber. Let me just say - it is going UP, UP, UP! When I stop by the home improvement store on my way home from work with a list. . .And you know which 2x4s to buy based on the price. . .Well, it is obvious when the costs change.
Gas: I DO NOT want to talk about it! Thankfully, MBB now works from home a majority of the week, so the high cost to fill up my tank is offset by the lower cost of his reduction in driving.

And now that a fellow blogger has
brought the amount size reductions to my attention, I expect the temperature of my blood is going to sky-rocket.


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