Monday, March 14, 2011

Good Sale Day!

I stopped in at Walgreens today and hit my savings target!
OK - I did better than my target.

I would have done even more outstanding had I not picked up a carryall sleeve for my coupon binder. No, I didn't realize how well I was doing or I wouldn't have bought it today.

My Basket:
Right Guard (one was more expensive, so BOGO didn't work exactly right): 4 at $.38/each
Renuzit: 6 at $.10/each

Binder Sleeve: $1.99

Savings: 80.5%

Without the sleeve, the savings would have been: 87.8%
What was I thinking???

Let's hope the rest of my buying trips go this good this week. . .
I'm kinda on target to be a bit over this month - so I need some really good sales.


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