Saturday, March 05, 2011

Coming Up For Air. . .

Yes, I disappeared again (go back a few day and you'll see some post that I just put up).
Yes, I have lots of reasons that I am sure you don't want to read about AGAIN.

I decided to come up for air. . .
And boy did I need it - the air in the basement has so much dust and dry wall flying around that most of my pictures have spots of dust.
Yep, I have to turn the flash off in order to get a decent picture.
Since there isn't much lighting, let's just say that my patience has been sorely tested trying to take pictures.

At this point in time, I don't care if the upstairs is done or not. . . I am begining to realize that I need to celebrate.
So, I have begun laying the ground work with MBB to host an Open House Style Party once the basement is done.
Everyone will just have to close their eyes until they get to the basement.

BUT - Please don't ask for a date. . .
I am a bit buried in drywall mud, paint and all of that stuff. . .
If I try to start working on party details, I may go crazy!

Our basement overhaul plan was to gut the original four rooms and rebuilt them into six. . .
That doesn't include the full bath that is turning into a toilet room.
Half of the rooms will be finished immediately. One may be finished later. Two - yeah well, who needs a finished ceiling in the utility room? We started the week before Christmas 2010 and with a few small breaks, have plowed through night after night.

A favor, if you don't mind?
Don't mention remodeling or the basement to my kids. . .
Yes, it has been night after night - they chose to forget that we took last week off.

I should mention that the drop ceilings and the flooring will be the last thing we will tackle.
We want to get all of the structural changes, walls and all of that good stuff done first.

So, when I say a room is almost done. . .
Don't look up.
Don't look down.
See - it is almost done! :) As of tonight:
Family Room:
Can I say about 50% done? Too much drywall, mudding, sanding, etc still to do to try to claim much more than that. There is a VERY large opening for a door that will get much smaller once we are done with hauling long boards in and out for the construction. . .
So, this room will probably be the last to hit 100%.
Pool Room:
This room is almost done! We just have molding and shelving to install! Exercise Room:
Hmmm. . .Not sure what to say here. Maybe if I could see the room, I could gauge how much was done. But since this room has become the temporary holding bin for everything deemed crafty. . .
Yeah. . .I'll get back to you on that one. Utility Room:
Can I say 100%? No? Why? Hmmm. . .Still seeing through the stud walls means it's not done? OK, I guess it's not done.
About three sheets of drywall and we're done. Nope - no mudding, sanding, painting! :)
Storage Room:
I had this great idea to make the Utility and Craft Rooms smaller and add a Storage / Wrapping Room. We are now looking for cabinets and storage racks. Once I have those, we'll be able to build the last wall and finish it up pretty quickly.
Craft Room:
Hmmmm. . .10%, if I'm feeling generous!
The cement walls have been powerwashed and water-proofed. Can't say much more than that. You see - after it rains, we get this pesky little visitor called a puddle of water. We have to figure out where its door is so that we can make it understand it is no longer welcomed. Once that is done, then we will start building walls and installing insulation, etc, etc, etc.

Time to get back to work!


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