Saturday, December 05, 2009

Searching. . .

. . .For a good deodorant.

Yes, you read that correctly.
Yes, I understand that everyone in blog world who has stumbled across my little area will read this.
Yes, I am getting desperate.

In the past, I was a devoted Degree groupie. . .
Specifically for the kind that was a white powdery-type gel that twisted up through little holes.
I would put it on in the morning and still felt / smelled good before going to bed (minus the gym workout times, of course). In fact, there was one Saturday that I hung around the house by myself (Translation: no shower, no deodorant refresh - yes, I did brush my teeth!) and the stuff still worked!

For some reason, Degree no longer makes the white powdery-type gel that twisted up through little holes (I do not know how to better describe it). When I realized this, I searched every Walgreens and CVS that I could find and bought it up (they seemed to have it in stock way after the grocery stores). Even past its shelf life date - the STUFF ROCKED! Seriously!

Unfortunately, my stash has been gone for a few years now.
I have been using different types, different brands, different everything.

I tried the clear gel that twists up through little holes. That stuff is COLD! I also couldn't figure out if the wet feeling was the deodorant or if the deodorant wasn't working (And I haven't seen it in awhile either - did everyone get rid of that too?)
I tried the invisible and regular Degree for Women. Nope.
I tried Secret. Nada.
I tried Ban. It is currently sitting in my bathroom partially used.
I tried Mitchum's - Women's and Men's. Not a repeat, though I did use it up. . .Or did MBB finish it?
I am currently using a Degree for Men (no, I don't smell like a man). It's about to join the Ban.

I'm sure these products are good ones. I am in by no means trying to bash them.
They simply don't work, or don't work for more than three to six hours, for me.

I will continue to hunt for something to replace my white powdery-type gel that twisted up through little holes. In the mean time, I may just have to reapply every three to six hours. SIGH.


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