Friday, December 04, 2009

Thinking. . .

It will be next summer (if I'm lucky) before we will be able to remodel my craft room.
But I am already looking for furniture / supplies that I will use in my new space.
I figure that will make my life easier when the remodeling time starts and I can keep an eye out for those items to go on sale to make the room more affordable.

Some things I may go ahead and pick up now. . .

I am trying to scrap in my current space and my stickers are OUT OF CONTROL! I need something that I can see what I have without having to do long searches. Hmmm. . .If I find something quick, it may go on that Christmas list MBB has been asking for (though he never seems to use it when I do make one).

I have these great racks for my 12x12 paper. Keeps everything flat and pretty. . .Well, everything but the bottom sheet of paper! I have my paper organized by color, so I do have to pull everything out to find the right shade or the right design. When I put the paper back in, it tends to get caught on the wires and messes up the bottom sheet. I am looking for something to fix that as I like my racks and don't want to buy new ones.

The lighting in my little hole is HORRIBLE! During the remodel, we will significantly improve the overhead lighting, but I'm thinking that a good desk light would be a great investment as well (and help me out NOW).

Anyone have stuff that works well?


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thumbs said...

Your paper problem.. could you get a thin pc of card board put on the bottom of the stacks of paper??

joanns fabrics have great desk lamps.. bigger ones .. made for quilting and such... that would work well too?? I was there on Sunday and they were all 50% off.