Sunday, December 06, 2009

Interesting Twist. . .

I have been very upset about not being able to find my Christmas Tree Pole.
Our Living Room is decorated, but the big containers with the Tree Branches are just sitting there, unopened.

Yeager-Bomb is enjoying the tree skirt that I laid out when I thought I was putting up the tree.
He's not going to be real happy when it gets put away the begining of January.

I guess things happen for a reason. . .
If I had found the pole and put up the tree. . .
I'd be taking it back down. . .

MBB and I have decided to begin another big project.
We are going to have our floors redone in the den and the living room before Christmas.

Yes, you read that right BEFORE Christmas.

We had/have to clear out both rooms, rip up carpets, fix the den's walls, paint the den and find somewhere to put all of the furniture. We made a huge dent this weekend - still lots to do!
It should take a week to do the floors, but the best part - we won't be able to walk on it for two days.

Did I mention we are doing the living room. . .
The room where the stairs to our bedrooms / shower is?
Yep, we've lost our minds.


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Julie said...

you are NUTS!