Sunday, August 09, 2009

That Day Happened?

In previous years, I would create a special post for my birthday, but this year. . .
Yeah well, didn't happen.

I did take the day off of work, which is a tradition of mine in recent years.
I did exercise (great workout on the Wii!).
I played some games with the kids.
I did some serious grocery shopping - don't ask. lol

The day was good.

MBB took me to dinner at my favorite restaurant (hadn't been there in over two years!).
He got me a great gift!
Unfortunately, I've been dealing with an allergic reaction since then so I haven't been able to use it yet.
The kids even got into the gifting action by baking me a cake.
A spice cake! With a message spelled out with stars.

Life is good.

And maybe, if I find some spare time, I may write a belated birthday post.
If you plan on holding your breathe for that one, let me know so that I can dial 911 for you! :)


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