Saturday, August 08, 2009

Been Awhile. . .

I decided to take a short break from blog posting.
To be honest, I thought it would be longer.

Just too much going on in my head that even I was having trouble processing on my own.

Just too much going on in my life, the calendar doesn't have much white space left in it.
Just too much going. . .

We made it through two Birthdays.

I am on the ending of a major allergic reaction to poison ivy medication.
The poison ivy wasn't that bad. . .But man, did the Ivarest put me in Urgent Care last weekend.
I am now stepping down off of the steroids and running out of the antihistamine.
Wish me luck - the legs still look horrible.

We have been working on the outside of the house (see Poison Ivy note above). I should be able to post some in-process pictures soon. . .Crossing my fingers.
I'd be even happier if I could post FINAL pictures soon!

And even though the kids' schools are not back in session until the week after next, I feel like we are already there full force. Just no bus service to help right now! Every day, we are at both schools once, if not twice to drop off and pick up from sports. Thankfully, I have a good car pool set up for the high school - the farthest building from the house and we only have to make one trip there a day.

I volunteers to be the Treasurer of the Volleyball Boosters - WHAT WAS I THINKING?
You know. . .Now that I think about it. . .I don't remember there being Boosters for individual sports at my school? Maybe I was just not exposed to it since I was a "stat" person?

We have two orientations next week and no supply list to be heard of as of now.

I received the Volleyball Schedule last week. A few hick-ups, but nothing we can't work around.
I received the Football Schedule LAST NIGHT, after the scrimmage that I heard about from ANOTHER parent. The schedule? First game next Saturday - a Saturday that I made plans for, because if we had a game that soon we would have already had the schedules. . .Right? WRONG! This schedule put LOTS of hick ups into the calendar (especially the Thursday game - I believe I was told at sign-ups that all games would be on Saturday????).

Don't these people realize that some of us have so much going on that we need information IN ADVANCE?


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