Monday, August 13, 2007

MADTB & SassyMarie's Memories of Key West. . .

Warning: These memory tidbits will probably only make sense if you were there. . .
Some I said. Some MADTB said. Some were said to us. Some we overheard.

Double Warning: If you were there, these may cause laughter to the point of wetness on your face or in your pants.

  • "Back Again?" (hour 16 of vacation)
  • Have you ever taken one for a friend? Weelllll, I have this friend. . .
  • You have to be a pretty big asshole to get arrested in Key West!
  • Braces are erotic in a weird, perverted way.
  • I'm from Miami, SassyMarie is from Tampa.
  • OH MY GOD - 6 YEARS??????
  • "We forgot to eat lunch!"
    "No, we didn't..."
    "Yes, we did!"
    "Remember? We stopped by Fat Tuesday's..."
  • Did I ruin your chances with stalker guy?
  • Sweat on a man is disgusting. Sweat on a woman is sexy.
  • 'Clothing optional' means healthy/young: clothing and unhealthy/older: optional.
  • I'm not the wingman. . .I think you are the wingman!
  • Are there really two people getting arrested over there?
  • Oh Shit - Fat Tuesday's is closed for the night?
  • MADTB - IT'S 4am!
  • One of the reasons I couldn't be a lesbian...
  • Tell her his name is Bob...
  • Get a Sloppy Joe shirt to mark it!
  • I don't drink this much without you... I LOVE THIS!
  • Your room is dangerous - way too close to Fat Tuesdays!
  • I am SO over the roosters!
  • What do you mean no mudslides until 2pm?



MADTB said...

I'm still smiling. THANK GOD for this weekend! :)

MADTB said...

Oh, and THANK GOD for Seals!!!