Friday, August 10, 2007


My main focus the first preseason game is to to see how our draft picks play in the big leagues and watch some of the guys who are fighting for their jobs. I even made a comment during the game that I really didn't care if we won or lost, because it is just preseason.

The first offensive drive had me screaming "Rudi!!!!". Loved the 20-yard run!

Then I was yelling "Noooooo" as Kenny Irons hobbled off of the field (ok, maybe the yell was in my mind). We had some debate as to whether it was his ankle (according to the announcers) or his knee (according to us) - turns out it is both and Coach is calling the injury "significant" per the Bengal's website. I may cry.

My favorite play was early in the fourth quarter!
I was screaming and laughing and loving life as 310 lb rookie defensive tackle Matt Toeaina (sixth-rounder from Oregon) chugged 81 yards after catching a deflected pass. The big guy who normally protects men trying to protect the ball: "
If I didn't get into the end zone I wanted to make sure I didn't fumble it so I was running with two hands on it."
It was so weird watching the smaller guys creating protection for Toeaina:
He had a Halloween escort with black and orange all over the place as cornerback T.J. White roared up the sidelines and threw a hellacious block while linebacker Matt Muncy warded off Orlovsky.
I was on the phone with Nickey at the time and she jokingly said (as we saw a replay with Toeaina lying in the end zone) "Get that man some oxygen!" I about fell out of my chair laughing when seconds later they showed Toeaina on the sidelines: GETTING OXYGEN!

After that play, I stopped watching the game as I still hadn't started packing for the trip.
We were up by about 16.

So why did I feel a tinge of disappointment when I found out that we lost by 1? It is just preseason after all and I had stated that I didn't care if we won or lost.
I guess it doesn't matter if it is NFL preseason or a group friends in a park: a "W" always feels much nicer than a "L".


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Kirkendall said...

You weren't the only one disappointed by the one point, pre-season loss. Rudi is the man!

Josh K.
Cincy Jungle.