Sunday, June 24, 2007


I feel like I have been neglecting the blog lately. . .
Which may lead most of you to think that I haven't been exercising. Wrong!

I have been exercising - I just haven't been doing as much at the gym. My VCR (yes, I still own one) is getting a workout as I go through all of the aerobic tapes that I have. Wow - those things wear me out!!!

I have had a lot of blog topics pop into my head - but since Nickey (and others) yell at me for "being too vague", I need to work on them a bit more before posting. :)

In the mean-time, I will post some pics from Vegas to make up for the short, neglectful post today.

Here is the Bellagio fountains choreographed to music. We also saw them during the day, but I prefer the night show with the lights.

Yes, those are rides at the top! Three of them to be exact.

Yes, we rode two of them - including the one that goes REALLY high up! I was expecting something like "Drop Zone". . .I was very surprised when the ride took off!


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